Skills Coaching Roadshows

What are they?

British Skydiving’s Skills Coaching Roadshows for non-seniors are great opportunities at different Drop Zones around the UK for competitors and potential competitors to be coached by national and former national champions and senior competitors. The Roadshows have been a fantastic success, and there will be more this season.

When are they?

Keep an eye on the British Skydiving Facebook page for dates and locations of British Skydiving Skills Coaching Roadshows.

How do I take part?

Please kindly note that if you plan to attend a British Skydiving Skills Coaching Roadshow, it’s important that you should register with Drop Zone in advance, and ensure that there are still places left. This is essential in order to allow the coaches properly to plan the day for the benefit of all participants.  And if you say you are coming, please try to arrive on time at the start of the day.  It’s not fair on everyone else to arrive unannounced mid-morning and expect to be accommodated. Please help the coaches to help you and contact the DZ in advance.  Thanks!

How can I get a Roadshow to come to my local DZ?

If you would like a Skills Coaching Roadshow at your DZ, please ask your DZ to contact the appropriate Discipline Rep on the British Skydiving Competitions Committee – click here for contact details.

Kindly note that dates on which Roadshows can be held are subject to the availability of coaches.

Don’t miss out!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to improve your skills. It’s a great way for our top-class teams to give something back to less experienced jumpers, the less you know the more you will gain.

The success of British Skydiving’s Skills Coaching Roadshows for non-seniors in previous seasons is evident from the numerous e-mails and reports sent to us from satisfied Members who have attended.

Skills Coaching Roadshows
Skills Coaching Roadshows
Skills Coaching Roadshows