Usually we would write here about all the amazing events we have been organising and running for our clubs but, as expected, we also had to cancel life as we know it due to the lockdown. Things may not be the same at the moment, but the skydiving community never ceases to amaze and the lockdown has been no different.

Everyone, including the BCPA and our members, have been exploring all the wonders the internet has to offer. This has included organising online club AGMs, like the one organised by University of Southampton, in order to ensure progression of all the admin that clubs have to complete during the summer/handover period. We’ve also been seeing many clubs hold online socials including quiz nights, such as the one organised by University of Nottingham, and bar crawls – using software which allows participants to enter different “rooms” and chat to different people online – this was imaginatively organised by University of Edinburgh!

Taking example from all our members, we have also been working on organising some virtual events, including a quiz night which will be announced shortly as well as our EGM which will have taken place by now on May 21 and aims to elect a new Tour Organiser to help us reschedule the cancelled Easter 2020 tour.
Although we’ve not been able to hold any competitions recently, congratulations are in order for those BCPA members who have been awarded Royal Aero Club Trust bursaries, including: Hillary Sotheran, Jasmine Manders, Nicholas Geere, Roby Watkins, Katherine Balmer, Rebecca Mitchell, Charlie Thacker, Amber Padfield, Emmett McKeown, Alice Gomm and Tim Johnson.

And for now… let’s cross our fingers for some blue skies as soon as we can get back up in the air!

Karolina Zatorska

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