Well, it’s been another strange few months at the BCPA, but it hasn’t stopped our usual antics! We recently held our first virtual event – a quiz night open to all BCPA members and alumni. Of course, we had to include a silly ‘scavenger hunt’ round, where members wore crazy hats, introduced their pets, with a special mention of Liz Hourahine’s tiny tortoise, and ate an interesting combination of ‘snacks’, including a whole chilli pepper, frozen pastry and chocolate biscuits with mayo!

Silliness aside, we were lucky enough to have the lovely Jack Bradford and Cara Pritchard host an interesting virtual talk on how to become an FS Coach, as well as a Q&A about becoming an Instructor or a Coach. Everyone who attended gained a lot from these sessions, keeping them keen to fulfil their goals once the skies re-open.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our big-way event, but we are hoping to be back and better than ever for our final event of the academic year. This is due to be held up at Skydive Langar, August 15-16. We have shortened our usual 5-day nationals to a weekend event this year to keep things simpler due to the ongoing situation and are still hoping to go ahead with it as planned. If it is cancelled, we will hold our AGM and annually anticipated raffle on the Saturday evening remotely to elect a new committee for the next academic year. We hope to see as many as possible of you there!

Catherine Diffey

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Photo: BCPA Archive