By the time you are reading this I’m sure you will be well into your Christmas shopping and putting your new skydiving gear on your Christmas list.

A lot has happened this year and the news has been non-stop. From Roadshows to coaching weekends to progression days the fun has not stopped and nor will it next year with more and more events being planned behind the scenes daily. UK Parachuting look forward to seeing all of your faces again after Christmas.

Recently we waved ‘Adiós’ to our Spanish friend Javi who set out for a fresh start and new beginning in Spain doing rigging, camerawork etc. Don’t worry it won’t be the last you see of him as he already plans to come back and do wingsuit progression weekends from time to time. I’d like to wish him the very best in all of his endeavours, I know you will be awesome in whatever you do. Andy Page has finally admitted defeat and officially announced he has retired from tandems. For those of you who don’t know Andy has been working in skydiving for a very long time, way before I was born and has done thousands and thousands of jumps in his time. Andy’s passion for the sport at a younger age was a true fundamental of how this sport has become as huge as it is today. Show me one tandem student that doesn’t say that skydiving is number one on their bucket list…I’ll wait.

Now I personally think he has stopped jumping because Marty Burgess has not had a reserve ride this year and is worried something scary is about to happen but that’s just me thinking that. Enjoy retirement Andy and be sure to pop in for a cheeky fun jump now and then.

A final reminder for anyone that is not already aware our Christmas party will be held on December 14 at Wine Vaults. This will be a mixed party with staff, club jumpers and loved ones attending. A small fee is required to help pay for the venue and buffet that they will so kindly make for us and for anyone who wants to help make the yearly compilation even better feel free to message me regarding how to get your videos to me. Please speak to Manifest in regard to paying for entry, I look forward to seeing you all there, hopefully, it doesn’t get too messy and I hope everyone has a safe Christmas and New Year.

Blue Skies always

Callum Kennedy

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