We are back and it’s been all systems go!! It’s felt like forever since we got to skydive, but thankfully we have now reopened our centre, obviously with lots of new social distancing procedures in place of course. We have been very lucky with the great weather over the last week playing its part and have been jumping lots! We have been very busy with AFF students, and our amazing Instructors helping the students smash through their jumps and gaining great experience in this amazing sport.

We have also been very busy with lots of tandems being sent up and it’s been smiles all the way down, we have had great feedback from every one of them! Our club jumpers have returned too, taking part in some great formation skydiving and free flying, as well as bringing back some great banter to the DZ! We have had an amazing amount of achievements in this short time since we have re-opened, and everyone, the staff and students, have put an amazing amount of effort in over the last week!

Gareth Pepperell

ACHIEVEMENTS: A LICENCE Oskari Raphael, Tommy Wong, Jade Gregory, Joseph Henley, Linhui Lu, Alex Diana, Ferenc Keller, Nick Savidge FS1 Ed Carroll, Lewis Eccleshall and Michael Foulser CP1 Sam Warburton JUMP NUMBERS 100 Archie Glazebrooke 500 David Ney 1,000 Karl Thackeray

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Photo: No-helmet tandems are now allowed in the UK