Alpha Yankee stuck her nose out of the hangar after her 12-week hibernation sporting her new registration. It was a relief to push her out into the glorious sunshine.

Eagerly awaiting club members, who had all registered, manifested hungry for some airtime. Lighter loads meant quicker turnaround for all as the Covid Restrictions were put through their paces. One-way systems and queuing on flightline with social distancing were all new to us but members abided by the controls making it a very good easing into our first weekend.

Feedback was greatly received and was all positive. We thank all our Instructors, Cameraflyers, club members and visitors for your compliance and adherence to the club’s protocols. We will start to increase our numbers over the next few weeks and make more slots available.

Our Sky Diner has reopened with the lovely Angela at the helm whilst Jan self isolates. Thanks Ang for stepping in at such short notice and you are doing a sterling job.

We celebrated Steve Smith’s birthday on the weekend he should have got married, due to the pandemic this had to be moved until next year. Just means another stag do Steve!!!!!

Team Ospreys sponsored by Icarus Canopies have been working hard on their canopy formation flying since the lockdown was eased. Chicky, Kie and Stevie were sporting their liveried Leia Canopies with Ming and Karim making up the 5-stack. Final turns three abreast certainly got the spectators clapping…

For our returning progression students, we are organising your specific retraining dates starting in August. Please contact the office to book onto one of the retraining dates.

Stuart Morris

ACHIEVEMENTS: FF1 Ethan Clarke-Gauld

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Photo: Ospreys Skydive and Display Team by Karim Shokraee