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Our last day of flying in 2019 was December 7 and everyone managed to get a couple of jumps in to stay current. The aircraft engine is currently in America being overhauled and will not be back until the end of February. Meanwhile we will be using our old Caravan, G-OHPC for the start of the season which is on February 15. Hopefully by that time the worst of the winter weather will have passed, and we can look forward to blue skies and dry runways.

In the meantime, Pete has been busy giving the club equipment its annual overhaul and Jane has been updating the website taking out references to BPA and replacing them with British Skydiving. The office has still been busy throughout the winter with bookings and vouchers and the diary is looking very healthy.

Well done to Simon Soper and Mary Barratt who have both been elected to the British Skydiving Council.

Jane Hopkins

Achievements: CH2/JM1 Kasia Grela, Stephen Dunne, Michael Benson FS1 Stephen Dunne TR1 Stephen Dunne JUMP NUMBERS 50 Stephen Dunne

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Photo: Headcorn Archive

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