Skydiving and fun go hand in hand, and to have more fun individuals also need to learn. We do love our skydivers to have fun hence current situation permitting Dunkeswell has planned various coaching courses and fun events this year.

Let’s talk fun first. There’s the Long Days Jumpfest with Load Organisers and a party at our very own Aviator bar where the stories can flow out. There’s a raffle for prizes so, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details.

Jimmy ‘Speedy’ McCarthy will be running freeflying for your entertainment. A Large CF formation attempt is planned for August bank holiday, contact Andy Guest. We have balloon jumps for the 46 people booked in at the end of last year, and keep an eye on the calendar for helicopter jumps and night jumps.

We have also added a new experience of wingwalking for those that want to take a break from skydiving, and no you can’t jump from it because part of the adrenalin rush is to land with it.

Coaching courses:

  • Canopy progression with our one of our favourite characters Joe Laming.
  • Canopy coaching, we’re bringing you world class competitors Curt and Jeannie Bartholomew who are coming over from the USA, such lovely people.
  • Wingsuit first flight course with Liam Byrne.

We want our skydivers not only to have fun but to be encouraged to be our next generation of champions. We’re hosting the following British National Championship events:

  • Artistics
  • Speed
  • Wingsuiting
  • Trackingsuits
  • Accuracy
  • Canopy Piloting
  • CF Grand Prix

It’s not just for the youngsters, we are also hosting the 15th World POPS Meet & Championships August 5-15 (TBC next month). We have the facilities for teams to train for their discipline getting support from the staff where we can, and the current Dunkeswell team training record is 25 jumps in one day. Meeting these top competitors is an opportunity to get hot tips from the very best and to be inspired to compete and challenge yourself by letting your competitive spirit free.

Have a blast, join in with our fun and have cupcakes pushed into your face in freefall on your birthday, skydive in fancy dress, there’s so much fun to have just by using your imagination. Old or new school we all have stories to tell.

All this at the UK’s highest dropzone over the beautiful Devon countryside.

Andy Guest D2439

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Photo: Andy Guest walks the wing.