In a previous magazine edition, I had the unfortunate responsibility of announcing the untimely passing of our dear friend and colleague, Pete ‘Handsome’ Herrick from Chatteris DZ.

On August 27th, we had the privilege and honour of hosting a memorial skydive for Pete’s family.

At the end of the day, Martin generously made his twin Otter available. Tandem instructors, Gary Small, Chris Beattie, Glen Staley, Tim Hanlon, and Marius Dex Vancea, were able to take Pete’s wife, Sylvianne and his family members Nicola Herrick, Leanne Shorter, Michelle Oxley and Jacque Hill on a special tandem skydive. During these jumps, each participant scattered a portion of Pete’s ashes while under the canopy, creating a heartfelt and meaningful tribute.

Camera flyers also gave their time so that the family would have a lasting memory of the day. Thank you to Kev Dynan, Matthew Summers, Marion Tohanean and David Edmondson.

Myself, Kim Newton, Mike Rust and Lee O’Flynn were also honoured to have a place on the plane.

On the climb to altitude, our pilot, Gerwyn Watkins, throttled back the engines and levelled out at 8000 ft so we could have a one minute silence for Pete.

Thanks also to Sean Healy, who cooked for club members and the Herrick family that evening.

Three people on a memorial skydive

Here are some final words from Pete’s wife, who sent us this lovely message;

“Thanks so much to everyone at the DZ yesterday who joined me and some of our family in saying goodbye to ‘Handsome.’ Your hospitality and generosity were amazing, we all felt so welcome.

I’m sure Pete would have approved with how we released his ashes and that we also a learnt a lesson from him on how it should be done! Those of you that knew Pat Hammond will know what I mean!

Thank you once again from me and my family for your kindness, the fantastic barbecue and beautiful sunset to finish the day off.”

Lots of love to you all <3

Sylv and Family xx


Blue skies and rest in peace Pete.