unknown and of course the weather decides it’s time to go back to its usual unpredictability! But, we’ve started and that’s all that matters.

It’s great to be back in the air and having everyone back at the DZ. We have some new procedures in place and it’s difficult to see if anyone is smiling or not (but we’re sure they are) but the best game is trying to identify who’s who just by their eyes!

By the time this is printed we will have had our first event in the form of Jim Bradwell’s intermediate group. Following this the Groomies organised day will have been and gone and we’ll then be looking forward to Jim’s second event in August! There’s plenty more to look forward to so just keep an eye on our Experienced page, especially if you need FS coaching or would like to join our B Licence day.

Andy Godwin is also back for FF coaching. Either contact Andy directly or call the office to book this.

As you all know, the Nationals have been cancelled but we have not given up. Instead, we are having the Non-UK Nationals on the very same weekend as the original 4-way event, August 29-30. We will hold the 4-way, 8-way and VFS on this weekend, and there will be no follow-up weekend. It is only going to be 8 rounds of all categories, using our Caravan and Dornier aircraft, and then a big party Sunday night with further fun jumping on Bank Holiday Monday. If you’d like to take part, whether a serious team or a scratch team, please email teams@skydiving.co.uk and we will book you in. The registration form is on our Experienced Facebook page.

Also, hopefully, by the time you read this, we will have a new Dornier in the skies. Sierra Papa is currently undertaking test flights to join the fleet, ready for the Non-UK Nationals and the Euro Big-Way Camp. This will take place in September, organised by Lesley Gale and helped superbly by Milko, Siân, Billy, Herman and Rob.

We’ve more events planned for the rest of the year and if you’d like to find out what is happening at the centre, please look at our events page on the website or join our Experienced FB page.

Let’s hope we can continue now, without further closures and make the rest of the season as enjoyable as can be. Hope to see you all soon.

Ash Kemp

Find out more about Hibaldstow: https://www.skydiving.co.uk

Photo: Roy Little happy to be back in freefall over Hib by Jack Davies