With the onset of the colder weather begins RAPS season at Langar, and we’ve been doing our best to get the hordes of university students both up in the air and in to the bar; nothing like a beer blanket to keep you warm on a chilly night at the DZ! It’s great to see plenty of them already progressing through the category system and well on the way to being qualified. Big thanks to all of our university clubs for bringing in so many new jumpers over the past couple of months!

More congratulations due to 4-way teams Chimera and Pajama Pumas, who represented Great Britain at the World Cup in Eloy. We’re very proud to have such high-level teams training with us and hope your success continues next year.

Events wise, we recently held a Pink Skies over Langar weekend, celebrating 10 years since the Jump for the Cause bigway; some interesting shapes were made (sky boobs!) and a good time had by all.

Winter also means it’s time for our Christmas party. An evening of merriment to reflect on the fun we’ve had in 2019, hand out the (very) prestigious annual Skydive Langar Awards, and make a couple of exciting announcements looking into the 2020 season.

Another reminder to invest in some good thermals, as we’ll still be open every day except Christmas day itself for some jumping! As always, we’ll be having a New Year’s jump fest, where you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderfully seasonal December views from altitude, even if it means sacrificing the feeling in your extremities for a while.

Amy Harrison

Achievements: CAT 8/CH1 Peter Opie, Samuel Landsman, Zongfan Li, Alex Westwood, Kristine Solem FS1 Tom Dent, Lewis Treacy JUMP NUMBERS 50 Abby Snowdon 200  Sonia Holland, Phil Taylor 400 Jake John 1200 Ben Mitchell 1300 Paul Rimmington, Matt Cumming 3 HOURS FREEFALL Amber Padfield 24 HOURS IN FREEFALL Ben Mitchell

Find out more about Langar: https://www.skydivelangar.co.uk/

Photo: Jim Harris leading on Feet by Chris Cook