Langar – When Life Gives You Lemons

For anybody who didn’t see the online announcement, we had an exciting change of ownership in February. Richard Wheatley, Martine Howland, Gareth Thomas, David Epton and Josh Carratt have joined Dave and Angela as partners—did somebody say dream team?

2020 marks 20 years of Oscar Hotel at Langar; what’s a better birthday present than a shiny new engine? OH returned from Germany at the start of March with a brand new Blackhawk engine, meaning both of our Grand Caravans are now super speedy and ready to get flying again as soon as they can!

Our 20 tickets for £20 each ticket sale to celebrate this will continue for 2 weeks once we are able to reopen.

In response to the unfortunate temporary shutdown, Laura Hampton from Chimera hosted a live webinar to share her experiences and tips regarding 4-way, and Emily Aucutt has been helping people with their B-Licence briefs over Google hangout. Laura’s webinar is recorded and available on our website along with a write-up. While you can’t jump, you may as well learn more about skydiving, so if there’s anything you’d like to see covered in a webinar/Q&A format over the next couple of weeks let us know!

Our onsite staff have been putting this downtime to good use – next time you stop by Langar bar, you may notice a few changes…

Amy Harrison – Magnificent Manifester

Achievements: First Freefall: Joe Boucher, Jordan Partridge, Morgan Cotteret Cat 8/ CH1: Charlotte Mayzley, Rob Mayzley, Olivia Heaney, Tom Burolt, Meru Yale TR1: Kieran Mullis Jump Numbers 1500: Emily Aucutt 2 months vegan: Chris Cook

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Photo: Chris Cook practicing canopy drills

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