LPS – Guy Fawkes has Nothing on LPS

Well done to Hannah Ritchie on reaching 100 jumps in a funky 2-way train exit which ended up in upside down shenanigans with Michael Hughes who also managed to catch her ‘I’ve done 100 jumps’ smile on landing.

By the time you read this our season will have ended but due to the inclement weather we’ve all been experiencing this season, Martin Harris is planning an expedition to a DZ in Europe for club jumpers and the AFF students that have not managed to complete their course here in the UK. Keep an eye on the LPS Club jumpers and TI’s group on Facebook for updates. What will have also taken place when you’re reading this is the LPS end of season firework display and party which we will report on in the next edition of club news.  At first glance of the stash of fireworks provided by our Dorz is that he has either stolen the display goods saved for the City of London New Year Fireworks display 2020 or that he has indeed sold all of his kit and re-mortgaged his house with the size of his massive contribution of rockets and other explosives. The display could even rival the one put on at the Sydney Harbour!

Martin was very generous toward the end of the season rewarding the hardworking office team with tandem skydives. Katie looked great in freefall but may also be happier on the ground in future and even though the other girls had already jumped before (Carla and Zoe) it went without saying that it was a memorable plane ride and a fun way to end the season. They were also joined by Dion’s son Darryl too. Huge thanks to Martin from all of the team.

Now it has transpired, in a recent social media post by Martin when ’umming and ahhhing’ about the weather for the weekend and whether or not we were on or off, that in fact he has been using an unusual method of forecasting tool – not Metcheck, not OGIMET nor Met Office instead the storm glass on his windowsill at home! Graeme Rose did point out that he would have thought Martin would have smashed it by now!

Fibre-Optic broadband has reached the dropzone AT LAST! Next season (March 2020) will have faster check-in and public wifi in place – hurrah!

And finally, LPS will be at the BPA AGM in our finery and we will be looking forward to a great party as always.

Fingers crossed for better weather in 2020 and thank you to everyone who has chipped in, packed rigs, set-up, set-down, manifested, radio-controlled, dz briefed,  cleaned loos, instructed students, fuelled the plane, flown the plane, made tea, washed the jumpsuits, chatted to customers, and cooked the sausages – what a team!

Annie Lewis

Find out more about London Parachute School: https://www.skydivinglondon.com/

Photo: Hannah Richie by Michael Hughes

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