Hello POPS,
Following the announcement in the June Mag of the delay to the World POPS Meet we have the following update.

Due to the coronavirus, the World TOP POP and the Meet Director had taken the decision to delay the 15th World Championship Meet until July/August 2021. Dates have now been confirmed as July 21-31 2021 to avoid clashing with other World Events. July 21,22,23 2021 will be training dates, the Opening Ceremony will be held on the July 23, the competition runs from July 24-31 2021 and the Closing Ceremony will be held on July 31 2021.

All POPS/SOS/JOS jumpers wishing to compete need to ensure they have completed the POPS Registration form and DZ Registration and be UK POPS Members. All details are available via the UK POPS World Event page popsuk.wixsite.com/skydiving/worldpopsmeet2020

Due to the current limiting restrictions and numbers on jumping, we will not be able to run the proposed UK POPS event. It is good news to hear that several POPS members are getting in the air, with even our POPS Shadow team being able to do some team jumping at Dunkeswell.

Safe jumping everyone and hope to see you in the sky soon.

Polly Chandler
UK Top POP #11
World Top POP #12

Find out more about POP/SOS: http://www.thepops.org/

Photo: Jef Chandler,  Liz Hurry, David Griffiths-Jones, Michelle Garwood, Tim Bittleston, Stuart Charlton, Mike Johnson, John Houghland, Niels Hansen, Dave Stephens, David Smith, Jane Buckle, Chris Shaw by Jane Bedford