Brian Cumming has a dream: to grow the British big-way scene and to break some records along the way.

It has now been more than 20 years since the current British record 100- way was built at Langar. Brit200 is Brian’s project to  break that record, and he has put together an impressive load organising team in which he will be joined by Milko, Siân Stokes, Pete Allum, Mark Kirkby and Dan BC.

Chapter 1 was planned as a season of UK and European jumping that culminates in 80-ways in Perris in October 2020. This would lead on to Chapter 2, 120-150-ways in around 2022. Chapter 3 would be a full attempt at Brit200, provisionally in 2024. That full season of 2020 jumping is not looking quite so healthy at the time of writing, but the long-term dream is still in sight. You can still head over to the website and fill in the 18-question application form for your chance to get involved.

Of the first 60 people that have already done just that, they have a total of 95,812 jumps for a mean of 1,597 and a median of 652. 13 per cent of applicants have under 300 jumps, 37 per cent have under 500 jumps and just 32 per cent have more than 1,000 jumps. The largest formation completed by any of the applicants is the current world record 400-way and 71 Record breaking dream per cent have attempted formations greater than 40-way, although just 20 per cent have attempted more than an 80-way.

Brian says, “I’m blown away by some of the messages and posts I’ve had and seen about the Brit200 five year plan. One of my favourites was from an AFF student with 9 jumps who has made it his entire goal to be ready for a 200-way in 2024. Amazing. I think I love this person just a little bit.” He also wanted to leave us with one of many super enthusiastic responses: “I want to push myself, have a goal and have something to be crazy excited about. It would be SO COOL to be at the start of this journey to smash the British record. And obviously no one applies without at least a little bit of a desire for having a sick picture of themselves in an awesome formation. I may have got carried away there but I am genuinely getting a buzz from just filling out this form.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form!

Main photo: Gary Wainwright


Brian Cumming

Brian Cumming is a Pro skydiver, Bigway load organiser, tunnel coach, AFFI,  podcaster and dreamer with over 2000 jumps and 3 World Records including the FS Sequential 202way 2pts and the Wingsuiting Large Formation 61-way.

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