Sibson – Wedding Bells, Jungle Bells

Winter is here. Time to get those thermals on and jump in a clear crisp blue sky. If it’s stopped raining yet!

Some October highlights:

Deanos car stopped working but he got it fixed.

Kyle’s might be a bit beyond fixing.

It rained.

Ged and Kyle got laminate flooring.

It rained.

Paul Oxby and Gemma were married during a rare dry moment, huge congratulations!

It rained.

Gloria has another love in her life, she just received her brand-new container.

The taxman reckons it’s his, but she has all her rebate paperwork in order, so he’s still on hire kit.

It will almost be the festive season as this goes out, so it’ll soon be the Sibson Christmas party. Food and beer, probably a skydivers second favourite things!

And if you’re looking for affordable skydiving gift ideas, check out the art prints available at (Yeah, that’s a shameless ad for my own work!)

DZ closes – 22nd Dec

DZ opens – 1st March 2020

Safety day is scheduled for 22nd Feb.

Russ Horne

Achievements: C LICENCE Morgan Holland  JUMP NUMBERS 900 Thomas Grocutt

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Photo: Paul & Gemma Oxby

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