Swansea – Back in the Sky

Happy New Year to you all! After a quiet period over winter due to the aircraft being away for service, the plane arrived back on January 19 which turned out to be a glorious cloudless light winds day and plenty of lifts went up to 15,000ft.

I can report that the end of year bash in Mumbles Pier was another great night with over 70 people attending in Christmas costumes of all types. Congratulations must go to Anthony Rabey for the best dressed of the lot and to Alun John Evans who was awarded Skydiver of the Year 2019.

Plans have been made to make the indoor packing area larger with the work starting in February by our very own Bob the builder  (Wayne) who we must give a big ‘behind the scenes’ thank you to for fixing the mock up, doors etc in his spare time.

We’re looking forward to a cracking year ahead and hope you can join us some time to enjoy the spectacular views of the Gower Peninsula below.

Safe Landings in 2020

Carl Williams

Achievements: A LICENCE Kevin T Hannam Bowen JUMP NUMBERS 200  Jay Townend  700 Matt Oakley

Find out more about Swansea: http://www.skydiveswansea.co.uk/

Photo: Swansea Archive

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