Membership Renewals 2022-2023

With apologies for the delay, but members can now renew online. Emails will be sent in the morning but you may renew online now by logging into the Membership Portal and selecting the Renewals/Balances menu item.

Sadly, donations during renewal are still not quite ready, although we expect them to be in a few days. If you wish to donate to our funds such as the DropZone Defence Fund, British Team Fund or our exciting new beneficiary 1jump1tree you may wish to delay your renewal until that becomes available. Ad-hoc donations will also be able to be made when the facility is up and running.

If you wish to apply the old fashioned way you can download the forms here:

Form 101 – Full Membership Renewal 2022-2023

Form 103 – Full Membership (Retired) 2022-2023

Please note that in order to digitally sign these documents they must be downloaded and opened using Adobe Acrobat since browsers do not have the capability.