Membership Subscriptions and Jumping Abroad

At the Council meeting of 9 May 2020 Council agreed that members who have renewed their membership for 2020-21 at the full price, will receive a discounted renewal price when renewing for 2021-22. This will be calculated on the months that skydiving did not take place in the UK. For example, if skydiving were to start again in September, those members would receive the equivalent of a 5-month discount next year. This is in recognition to those members support.

Full details of subscriptions can be found in Form 107:…/Form-107-Membership-Subscrip…

The final cost of membership renewal for 2021-22 for those members cannot be included at this time because we do not know how many months it will have been where skydiving has not taken place in the UK. We also do not know at this time to cost of either the British Skydiving or insurance elements of next year’s membership renewal.

The discounts for next year are reliant on UK DZs starting up again at roughly the same time. If one DZ decided to start well before the others, the scheme ends at that time. One other area to highlight, is what will happen to the scheme if members decide to go jumping in another country, where skydiving is permitted, before jumping restarts in the UK.?

The advice from our insurers is that for the system to stay in place in the UK, those members going abroad whilst jumping is suspended in the UK would need to let us know 14 days in advance, giving their name, address and British Skydiving membership number, in order for them to be covered abroad (£100,000), and for the system to remain in place for all other members. In addition, those members who do go jumping abroad during the UK shutdown, would not benefit from the discount next year.

Members jumping abroad can inform us online:

📷 Jumping over the Algarve by Gary Wainwright