Felix Hay

Felix Hay

Pediatric Advanced Clinical Practitioner (PACP)
Won the Nish Memorial Scrambles straight out of FS1 at Hinton with The Jackson Four
A passionate angle tracking jumper who loves the combination steep flying and forward speed with groups of people

Felix is a pediatric nurse by background of training. In order to be a PACP, Felix undertook a Masters Degree in Medical Science (MMedSci). This qualification in conjunction with extended advanced skills training by a qualified pediatric emergency medicine consultant doctor allows him to see children at point of entry to the emergency department and take a history, examine the child and make a diagnosis. If necessary he is also able to prescribe any medications or other treatments they may require.

Felix told us "It is very similar to the way in which a doctor works and indeed I work on the medical Rota rather than the nursing Rota.

Covid 19 has changed things immeasurably! I now have to wear, as a minimum a surgical mask and goggles at all times and then when dealing with suspected Covid19 children I wear a full sleeved gown and gloves and battery powered respirator mask.

As for the practicalities of seeing a patient we no longer examine ears noses or throats as the risk of inducing a cough in children whilst doing this is high and Covid19 is droplet transmitted so the last thing we would like is a child coughing in our face.

Things are tough in the department. We have taken the control measure of splitting the entire department in half and having a Covid19 (Red) side and a non-Covid19 (blue) side. Children and one parent (not other family members allowed) are seen initially in a separate building outside the ED and it is decided whether they are suitable to either enter the ED at all or go into red or blue side or be sent home immediately to self isolate."

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