Wes Guest

Wes Guest

3D Printing Masks for Frontline Key Workers
Member of VelociWraptors who are the British National Champions in 2-way Canopy Formation

Although not a frontline key worker Wes has been contributing in his own way.

For his day job Wes works for Jaguar Land Rover within the R&D department managing the test equipment for the next generation of high efficiency vehicles. When the shortage of PPE was announced it was quickly realised all their prototyping machinery they could be used to manufacturer face shields.

Within a few days this was set up and various designs were trialled by local health workers and production is now in full swing. While this was all going on a few members around the office with 3D printers at home were discussing how they could get involved, although Wes had no experience with 3D printers he thought that was the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and contribute to those in need at the same time.

Wes explains “I spent the next 2 nights reading everything I could about 3D printing and printers before purchasing 2 printers and enough material for the first 100 masks. Other members from the office without 3D printers had been working on making a press for the clear shield and setting up distribution network so between us we had everything we needed to get going!

The limiting factor in mass producing the parts in this way is the speed of the printers, the only way to produce more is by buying more printers, that’s when I decided to set up a fund raiser for friends and family to help out and get involved too. I currently have 1 printer up and running making 10 head straps a day with 2 more machines on order thanks to the amazing donations I’ve received so far.

If anyone else would like to get involved there are similar groups all over the country working at a national and local level. We decided to remain independent so we could ensure the PPE got to our loved ones who are working in frontline positions as well as second line positions which are sometimes being over looked such as nursing homes and prison staff."

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