Max Hurd

Paramedic – London Ambulance Service
Bronze Medalist in the 2019 World Cup of Speed
World Speed Record – 500.17 km/h

Max has worked for the London Ambulance Service for 11 years and is based at Shoreditch Ambulance Station. Most of Max\’s time is  spent as part of an ambulance crew but has also spent several years as a solo responder on fast response cars as well as  being part of the Cycle Response Unit.

Max explains \”The current pandemic is really stretching us at the moment. The number of calls the service is receiving every day are much more than we’re used to and every crew is working really hard to stay on top of things. We’re also having to make some pretty tough clinical decisions too, doing our best to give people the care and support they need but at the same time we’re fighting a disease that is difficult to manage.

Along with A&E staff, we’re very much on the frontline of things and therefore most likely to contract the virus. I’m doing fine though, and doing my best to avoid being coughed on! We’re a bit short-staffed due to personnel in isolation but hopefully that will improve as the testing programme will allow many to return to work. However, many of us who have contracted the virus have been quite unwell and some of them are critical. We’ve all got our fingers crossed for them.\”