Skydive the Expo is back for 2023 and will feature a full day of free to attend seminars and educational talks.

From progressing in our sport, to talks from some of the leading manufacturers, there’s something for everyone. Full details of the available seminars will be added as they are confirmed.

2023 Speakers + SCHEDULe!


The Evolution of Canopy Planform Shapes, and how this Influences Canopy Performance.

John LeBlanc

Vice President, Performance Designs

About the Seminar

This Seminar takes a look at Canopy Planform—the shape of the wing when viewed from Directly overhead—and how changing this shape influences the way a canopy performs. How the planform shapes have evolved over the last 30 years is an interesting story, full of very interesting and unexpected twists and turns.

Join PD Vice President and Lead Canopy Designer John LeBlanc as he shares stories and offers insights on what we have learned about how canopy planform works with other canopy design characteristics to enable designers to tailor canopy performance to meet your needs and desires– and where these efforts might be going next.

About the Speaker

John LeBlanc is the Vice President of Performance Designs, Inc., and the Chief Canopy Designer. John started skydiving 45 years ago, as a 16 year old high school student, meeting company founder Bill Coe at a Skydiving club meeting at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU.) John joined PD in 1983 as the first employee. They decided right at the beginning to engage in continuous canopy research and development, to push way beyond the boundaries of what was then possible in canopy flight. This approach has served the company and community well, and led to PD innovations such as zero-p material, low-drag suspension lines, new airfoil and planform technology, and crossbraced canopies.

Due to this focus, PD now have 300 employees to meet the demand. John designed and tested several very well-known canopies, and leads a very talented design and testing team to push canopy development even further. He was responsible for developing the Spectre, Stiletto, Sabre2, Storm Velocity, Optimum reserve, Peregrine, and Valkyrie, Sabre3. He is an accomplished pilot and has more than 6000 jumps.

An Introduction to Flocking

Pete Allum

Flight-1 Canopy Coach, FS coach

About the Seminar

What is flocking, it’s history, what is currently happening and how can you get into it?

About the Speaker

Started jumping in 1979, 36,000+ jumps.

I love pretty much everything about the sport and decided to make it a career when I was 16. On a continuous mission to be an eternal student and help others achieve their goals. 

Strong disciplines: FS & CP, with lots to learn in my new disciplines of FF & WS.

Outside of skydiving I like to Paraglide, surf and snowboard and research ways for the sport to become resilient to the changed emission and energy demands of the future.

Mt. Everest Skydiving Expedition

Lee Winter & Olenka Winter


About the Seminar

Mt. Everest skydiving expedition, planned, prepared and executed by Parabellum Tactical Training Ltd., is one of the most challenging endeavours in history, and is believed to be a first of it’s kind. Parabellum Tactical Training were approached by the Pilgrim Bandits Charity to organise, coordinate and manage an experience in the Himalayas for 14 injured veterans, 4 of which would conduct 2 tandem skydives over the worlds highest mountain. 

About the Speaker

Lee recently left the military after 30 years service, having qualified as a military freefaller in 2003. Lee embraced skydiving as a sport in 2011 qualifying as a USPA and later a British Skydiving AFFI. In 2017 Lee attended the BS tandem instructors’ course where he met his now wife Olenka. During the last part of Lee’s career he worked closely with the Royal Air Force as part of the Military freefall training and parachute testing teams.

Olenka completed her AFF course in 2012, after a Tandem skydive in Netheravon. She was able to advance through her skydiving skills to become a Category Systems Instructor in 2014 and was employed on part-time basis as a camera flyer at Go Skydive. Olenka attended the British Skydiving Tandem Instructor course and then moved on the the AFFI course in 2019. Olenka enjoys big way formation skydiving, although commitments to both AFF teaching and wider training positions have meant limited chance to enjoy this lately. She is a keen supporter of female skydivers and instructors in the sport as a whole. 

Both Lee and Olenka now run a skydiving and tactical training company, which focuses on extreme environment expeditions, AFF and personal skydiving objective based training camps. They also run advanced firearms and preparation training for high threat environments

The Lost Art of Packing

Lucy Mancey


About the Seminar

A fun and informative talk and demonstration about good packing practices.

About the Speaker

Over 20 years in the sport and more time spent on my knees rather than ‘in the breeze’, I’m passionate about packing and love to help people learn to get the best out of their equipment. When I’m not packing I compete in 4-way both indoors and outdoors, I also recently started competing in 8 way. Most importantly I’m mum to a wonderful son who’s kept me busy over the last 14 years but taught me lots!

Taking You To Greater Heights

Ryan Mancey


About the Seminar

Goal setting, cross sports, the power of forming habits and an adventure mindset plus how to get the most out of the British skydiving system.

About the Speaker

Over 12,000 jumps and 26 years in the sport, Camera Flyer, AFF/CSI/Tandem Instructor, Advanced Instructor and Instructor Examiner. Although I have come this far in the sport I still feel there is lots to learn and hope to share much of this on my journey.

Double Or Nothing – UK’s First Tandem BASE

Hans Donner & Dave Gallagher

Mountain Man BASE

About the Seminar

Hans and Dave will talk about the Mountain Man BASE journey, from skydiving beginnings, pioneering BASE exits throughout the UK, adventures abroad, and Project Tandem BASE, accomplished in 2022.  The talk brings together perspectives focusing on progression from skydiving through to ambitious BASE projects, with observations on the psychology of adventure and extreme sports. This references Hans’ achievements as Chief Instructor-Examiner in skydiving, his BASE jumping career, and lead on the tandem BASE, and Dave’s background as a research psychologist and adventure pursuits advocate.

About the Speakers

Hans Donner 26 years skydive / 12 years BASE experience. Hans is a British Skydiving examiner and Mountain Man BASE expedition leader.

Dave Gallagher is a photographer, writer and film-maker, documenting UK BASE jumping as a member of Mountain Man BASE. He is also an Adventure Psychologist, researching how the brain functions under stress in the context of extreme sports performance.

Your Museum…Revealed

Jim McCormick

International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame

About the Seminar

Get all the latest information on the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame project including location, design, exhibits and schedule.

About the Speaker

Jim McCormick is an active skydiver with over 5,300 jumps.  He has earned numerous national and world large formation records.  Jim is also the Director of Development for the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame.  He resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The Elusive 200 Way Vertical World Record

Dan Guest & Martin Roberson

Omni 99

About the Seminar

Not just aimed at freeflyers, this is for anyone with an interest in bigway and how the approach may differ from FS. We’ll look at multiple aspects of how you go about putting together a 200 way vertical jump, from the formation design itself to what will get you cut and lots of crazy footage and fun stories from the 2022 record attempts that ultimately keeps the 200 way elusive for another 3 years!


About the Speakers

Martin and Dan are members of team Omni, multiple time VFS and freefly nationals champions and both current head down world record holders. 

Thinking about Rigging? This Seminar Explains the What, Why and How

Mary Barratt

Parachute Rigger

About the Seminar

Mary has been active in the sport for around 15 years and currently has over 1300 jumps, mainly in Canopy Formation. She started dabbling in rigging almost ten years ago, tinkering in the rigging room, making small items, reading and endlessly asking questions. This motivated her to take the leap into the world of rigging and work her way through several ratings – Advanced Packer (2012), Basic Rigger and then Parachute Rigger (2017). In conjunction with this, Mary has established a small freelance service that specialises in rigging work for the areas of parachuting that she is most passionate about – BASE jumping and Canopy Formation. This keeps her busy patching damaged canopies and tackling all the challenges that come with designing and making bespoke items. Mary is currently contemplating whether to commit to the next step in British Skydiving’s rigger-ratings, becoming an Advanced Rigger. 

About the Speaker

Rigging is often a bit of a mystery; generally seen as something of a dark art that happens behind closed doors.  So, this seminar is aimed at anyone who is curious about rigging and wants to know a bit more or is thinking that this might be a route for them. 


Drawing from her own experience, and input from other British Skydiving riggers, Mary will shed some light on what being a rigger actually involves. She will incorporate stories and advice to give an insight into why rigging is such a crucial part of the sport, the challenges and highlights of becoming a rigger, and why it might be an appealing option for some. Mary will also cover the all-important topic of how to start that journey and become a British Skydiving-rated rigger.

Red Devils! Who? What? Why?

LCpl Cameron Clark 

Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team 

About the Seminar

This Seminar is intended for everyone, it’s more of an interest period. brief history of the team and how the team looks today. I will explain who we are and what it takes to become a red devil. What we do from jumping to when we are in office and also answer the question, we get asked a lot, Why do the army have a parachute team. And how all of this ties into the team latest Guinness world record.

About the Speaker

I’ve been sports parachuting for 6years and been a member for the red devils for 5years. In that time achieving 1500+ jumps. 120+ of those being Demo jumps into various location around the world. Also in 2022 Myself and another red devils broke a Guinness world record for, The largest flag dowplaned between 2 parachutists.

It’s Amazing to Talk

Peter ‘Taf’ Mather

Business owner / Entrepreneur / Skydiving Instructor & Tunnel coach/skydiver and Team member of Apex 4-way team 

About the Seminar

This seminar is based on what is the next step for UPLIFT the charity that has been set up to help skydivers and their families. Also in this seminar, peter Taf will be speaking about some of the technicals and tools he uses to make his life the best he can “Living the dream” and making a legacy for himself.

The technicals that Peter Taf will be sharing with us are what works for him on a daily bases and in his opinion can work for others in the sport and in life to help them get over so many things people may be struggling with in life. 

About the Speaker

Peter Taf has been skydiving for over 14 years and over the years he has had his ups and downs in life. struggled with substance abuse for 18 years and hit rock bottom at the end of  2020 when he didn’t want to live anymore. Since 2020 Peter Taf has changed his life into an amazing life and has been helping people change there on the way 

Human Factors – Staying Safe

Professor Michael Bagshaw

Chairman – General Aviation Safety Council 

About the Seminar

You cannot open an accident or incident report these days without seeing reference to ‘Human Factors’.

Officially it is defined as the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering and design of products, processes, and systems. Four primary goals of human factors learning are (1) to reduce human error, (2) increase productivity, (3) enhance safety, system availability and comfort, with a specific focus on (4) the interaction between the human and the engineered system.

This presentation will move away from the dry academic definitions and consider the practical aspects of human factors and how it relates to normal life and activities, particularly staying safe in aviation. You’ll hear about Swiss cheese and the Dirty Dozen…

About the Speaker

After 16 years in the Royal Air Force as a medical officer, Hunter and Jaguar pilot, flying instructor and test pilot, Professor Bagshaw worked in the NHS as a GP and hospital consultant. He was then British Airways Head of Medical Services for 12 years before becoming Director and Professor of Aviation Medicine at King’s College London and visiting professor at Cranfield University. As an RAFVR QFI, he instructed part-time in the Bulldog at Oxford UAS.

He holds an ATPL and was a part-time Hawker business jet captain at Farnborough. He owned a Twin Comanche, still flies a Bulldog and is a CAA Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner. Whilst at medical school, he flew as a Jump Pilot at Swansea in 1970/71.

Past-President of the Aerospace Medical Association and the Airlines Medical Directors Association, Professor Bagshaw has published more than 100 scientific papers and contributed to the major textbooks. Recently retired as Honorary Civilian Consultant Adviser in Aviation Medicine to the British Army, he is Chairman of the UK General Aviation Safety Council and Medical Adviser to the Historic Aircraft Association.

How to Become a Foundation Coach

Martin Soulsby

Vice President and RAeC Delegate

About the Seminar

During this presentation, Martin will explain the new coaching structure, what it will mean to you and how you can start your training to gain the new Foundation Coach qualification. He will explain who the external bodies involved in awarding the qualifications – Ofqual, UKCoaching, CIMSPA and 1st4Sport. How the training will be provided and by whom.

The aim is to develop the best coaches possible and to improve the skills of our members, as better skills = better skydives.

About the Speaker

Martin has been skydiving for 40 years, he has so far been National 8-way Champion 19 times and represented British Skydiving at 9 world Meets and as Head of Delegation at another 2. Martin has been coached by some of the best skydivers and coaches in the World and he thinks it is vital that everyone has access to the highest quality of coaching possible.

Martin was also elected to Council in 2008 and became Chair of Council in 2011, stepping down from the role after 9 years in 2020.

After stepping down Martin asked to start a working group to look into a new coaching structure and qualifications, with the remit to improve the overall standard of our coaches. The working group has created a journey for our coaches, developing a qualification,  The Foundation Coach, approved by Ofqual. This qualification is recognised by the wider sporting sector.

Using Digital Altimeters in Student Training

Jens Gronemeyer

President and CEO of Alti-2 Technologies Inc.

About the Seminar

The world goes digital. Recent studies shows, that nowadays youth is reading digital much better than analog. In the US 35 drop zones incl. Skydive Arizona, Perris, DeLand etc already switched to digital altimeters in student training.

About the Speaker

Skydiver (7500+ jumps). Former DZ owner in Germany,  AFF and Tandem Instructor, electrical engineer and tech guy. Since Dec 2021 new President and CEO of Alti-2 Technologies.

What to do After Belly Flying and Speed Skydiving

Jimmy McCarthy

Coach, JST Coaching 

About the Seminar

How to prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially for the world of 3-dimensional flying, and the skills you will learn along the way. 

About the Speaker

Level 4 IBA instructor, BS Freefly and tracking coach and full-time Coach for JST Coaching. I love teaching and skydiving, so why not do both.

Packing Your Parachute – What (Not) to Do

Richard Madeley

European Demo Tour Rep for Performance Designs

About the Seminar

My presentation with be a full run through of a standard pack job showing some tips and tricks to help give a soft, on heading opening every time.

About the Speaker

2500+ jumps, 2 x National FF Champion, GB CP Team Member and British Skydive Tandem Instructor.  

If I Ever Need My AAD I Would Stop Skydiving

Carmen Hübner


About the Seminar

A summary about basic safety measures for every Skydiver every age, no matter the time they are in the sport. 

About the Speaker

In the Sport since 2016, happy to be a Funjumper, not specialized in anything but I do love to be part of a 4 way RW Team and a 16 way RW Team. working for Airtec as Bachelor of Business Administration and Sales Manager and responsible for the Dealerships since 2009. Happy to be in the background doing and knowing all about the admin stuff nobody wants to do, but is a must to keep a company going.

Jet Speed Flying Project

Allan Hewitt

Skydiving Film Coordinator

About the Seminar

The presentation is a review of a Jet Speed Flying, Jet Paramotoring and Jet Powered Parachuting project that is 3 years into its development.

I will be talking about the design, development and flight testing as well as future uses that might interest skydivers. We will also be discussing the skydiving option that can be used in freefall prior to and after deployment.

About the Speaker

Allan Hewitt is a TV & Film Skydiving Coordinator, instructor and rigging examiner, with British, Dutch and American qualifications.

Allan has been designing, manufacturing and testing parachute equipment for sport parachuting, military parachuting and the TV and Film industry since 1991.Allan was in The Red Devils Parachute Display Team, and later became a British National champion in CF sequential.

Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Paragliding, Speed Flying and Extreme Sports coordination. All stunts being prepared in accordance with CAA, Police and health and safety at work rules and regulations: Parachute operations manual, SOP’s and risk assessments, as well as team selection and verification of qualifications & experience etc.

Allan is currently working on the development of Jet Powered Parachutes, Jet Speed Wings and Jet Paramotor usingdifferent size wings and jets for different uses.