We all know Alti-2 Europe make some brilliant altitude awareness instruments right here in the UK, but did you also know they service, repair and check altis for you at their HQ in Essex too?

Part of this service involves checking the accuracy of your alti and, as so many people have shown an interest in it, they’ve released a bit of kit that you (or, more likely, your DZ or Rigger) can buy to test any brand of altimeter.

Built into a rugged Pelicase, the TC-5 test chamber allows you simulate freefall and the associated pressure changes. All you need to do is put your test altimeter in the padded compartment with a known accurate altimeter, power it up and compare the two.

There are controls to vary the rate of ascent and descent, so you can simulate slow and fast speeds like canopy flight and freefall. The TC-5 works with both digital and analogue altimeters that measure barometric pressure and the unit operates on voltages of 80-240v, meaning it’ll work pretty much anywhere in the world.

If you want one, give Zoe at Alti-2 a shout – prices are on application.


By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald – facebook.com/SkydiveMacca