Readers of Gear Zone will remember that, some time back, NZ Aerosports announced that they were working on something special for wingsuiters. Well, fast forward to right about now and they’re finally ready to let you hook one up.

Named the Kraken, NZA claim it’s a canopy full of cool features and ideas that makes it very different from any other wingsuit canopy. In response to why it’s taken them so damn long, the Kiwis have said they normally work more on performance, so developing something designed to open in the wake of a wingsuit deployment took them a bit longer.

Typically, canopies with a lower aspect ratio and ellipticity (think big fat seven-cells) have better heading and stability in flight. They also tend to be the least exciting canopies to fly. With the Kraken, NZA thinks they’ve managed to develop something that takes the best of both worlds and puts everything together to
build a new kind of wing.

It’s been designed with the latest CAD software and tested with computational fluid dynamics. There’s a new rib shape and a new crossport design, which  reduces distortion, and a powerband on the leading edge taken from the Petra.

Then, there are the holes. Yup – holes. They’ve put a vent on the lower surface to help promote faster inflation and give you more on-heading openings which then seals after full inflation. You’ll also find a channel in the slider for the air to go through, which helps reduce the oscillation during opening.

The lines are shorter for improved flight stability and, instead of using F-111, they’ve tracked down a low-bulk ZP, treated it with silicon and put it together with regular ZP for the powerband. Not enough innovation? How about mini-ribs in the tail, inwardly rotated end cells, new line trims and a new stabiliser shape too?

All of this together should make for a canopy that gives you great openings with a wingsuit, is fun to fly and has a powerful flare at the bottom end.

Want one? You can order right now through the usual dealers in any custom size from 119 up to 189 and in the colours of your choice. Prices start at $2,250.

Photo: A Kraken Good Wingsuit Canopy – Icarus Canopies

By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –