My word, this year is turning into a year of wonderfully weird weather for us all! One day we roast, the next day we sit and look at the grey skies and tipping rain. Such is the joy of skydiving! So we made the most of the sun and had a rare old time over the last few months.We even managed to get some pleasant socialising in at the end of one seriously hot day’s jumping recently when Buzz and Kat laid on an extremely tasty BBQ evening, catering for all food preferences, which was very impressive.

One of the highlights has been one of our CSI’s, Conrad Allen, being able to put his son Jo through his static line course on his 16th birthday and then taking him up for his first jump the day after! It has to be said, Conrad was in two minds over this. On the one hand, he really wanted Jo to enjoy the experience, on the other, he realized that if Jo did it could become very expensive for him. Jo loved it – never mind Conrad, it’s only money.

Young Dave Gordon is making the most of his (very) early retirement and managed to get himself on the Botswana Boogie earlier this year. It sounded seriously good fun – a Casa and a Hercules! Apart from the jumping the scenery and hospitality were much appreciated. As he started the year with a trip to Florida, we’re looking forward to the next instalment of his adventures to see how he can top this.

Talking of the young, the properly young TI Laura had a birthday. Guess what she gave herself? A new rig of course! And isn’t she pleased with it? Glad you like it Laura, but dancing around a restaurant when you first lay your hands on it is a bit over the top. She was a little sadder a few weeks later when her parents visited the DZ. She has been hoping for a while to persuade her mother to jump with her to no avail and she’s even less likely to now when our newest TI, Andy (welcome to you) had to chop and mother saw it – sad for Andy, but I think even sadder for Laura as it definitely put an end to any chance of mother being willing to jump.

Our ever-youthful TI team continue to excel as Tony clocked his 7,000 jump – that’s some serious going – and his accuracy landings continue to impress.

Students continue to get serious about progressing with some good efforts being put in – keep it up people, you’re doing well! On top of that, our newly qualified skydivers have been putting in some sterling efforts to gain their B licences, Marta getting hers just in time to jump in Hungary and Julie putting some serious work into getting her packing certificate.

We had a particularly busy August Bank Holiday when the Tillstock Tumbling Turkeys went a-wandering to Hibaldstow. A great trip to the Nationals by the team who put in a very competent performance and achieved a respectable mid-table result which we are all very pleased with. The only problem was the poor swine left at the DZ to run it without two of our CSIs! Try to compete at quieter times in future, please.

Photo by Dave Titcombe

All in all, a good couple of months in the face of all the weather sent our way – here’s to a great end to the season.

Gary Windon 

Achievements: CH2/JM1 Marta Hovan, Julie Murray  JUMP NUMBERS 7,000 Tony Lightfoot  1,100 Steve Hughes  700 Dave Titcombe, Ellie Southworth  500 Steve Pugh  400  Marta Hovan 50 Julie Murray

Photos by Dave Titcombe

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