The 2019 season concluded with our annual Christmas party, which this year was held at the Centre. Everyone was dressed in their snazzy Christmas jumpers, although some were better than others – ha ha! The annual awards that were voted by our club members were: Student of the Year, Rob Whiteoak; Club Member of the Year, Mark Lord; Skydiver of the Year, Steve Broadbent; Tool of the Year, Chris Kimmet. Special recognition awards were also given out to Elliot Mitchell and Levi Hamill for having to put up with Paul all year!

Heading into the 2020 season we already have loads of events released with many more to come including FS events with Will Cooke and Taf Mather and FF events with Ally Milne. Elliot, Al, Unai and Radu have been busy over the winter making improvements around the DZ ready to reopen on February 1. We are open every Friday-Sunday from then on and six days a week from April.

On a final note, congratulations to Chris and Emily on the birth of their baby boy Joshua in November.


Achievements:  JUMP NUMBERS 100 Rob Whiteoak 200 Chris Kimmet, Paul Hesketh 400 Martin Jensen 500 James Allen, Dave Mellor 900 Mark Lord 1,900 Dave Bloomfield   

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Photo:  Elliot Mitchell by Levi Hamill