After some 30 years plus Brian Shaw is hanging up his student Tandem harness and retiring as a TI following over 5500 tandems.  Brian has been a stalwart to the tandem fraternity and I hardworking valid team member of our Tandem crew here at Skydive North West. His service to the sport has been impeccable and his trusted relationship with our students outstanding. Brain we thank you for your very hard work , effort and consistency over the years and trust you will enjoy your retirement from all at SNW.

Cark week was blessed with some kind weather which enriched the weeks participants. Taff and Speds organised and coached our regulars along with Kate Lindsley at weekends. Speds hit 63 over Cark week and a team of SNW divers led by Taff, formated to make the numbers 6 and 3 to wish him many happy returns. Part of the Carlisle Lads, Speds has been jumping at Cark for as long as we can remember, along with Lenny, son Stevey D, Lex Nixon John Rooke, and now retired John Gilmour. Thanks for your continued support boys and many happy returns Speds.

6 by Duncan
6 by Duncan
3 by Duncan
3 by Duncan


Taff, Ian, Kieron and Clair were busy with our AFF programme with Sharron and Andrea achieving their AFF qualifications. Both have since completed all their consolidation jumps and are both qualified A licence jumpers. Well done ladies

Al and pixie stayed all Cark week to demo their vector rigs and cookie helmets. It all got giddy on Thursday, when the very first new G4’s arrived causing plenty of interest to our club members.

Alpha Yankee drew on our fuel reserves at the helm of Mike and Duncan swopping throughout the weeks jumping to ensure we maximised our weather windows.

Steve Ed, Nicky and Peter kept the tandems running throughout the week although the last weekends forecast caused us to make a number of cancellations by the girls in the office. Thanks to all for the hard work.

Jumping late into the evening most of us would frequent our soup kitchen for a late meal. To all those that help feed, purchase, supply and do the washing up thanks for your assistance and long may this draw us all together in an evening. Dave don’t get any ideas for winter otherwise we may need to apply for building regs permissions!!!!! Thanks to all for your support over Cark week.

Please keep sending me your pictures otherwise it’s the Duncan picture show and remember to write up your achievements on the blue clipboard in the rec room.

Stu Morris

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Photos by Duncan