The season is just starting to kick off at Chatteris. We are planning some coaching/load organising events that will take place throughout the spring and summer, including a CRW weekend, Freefly coaching and big-way. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details and dates.

The balloon has already had its maiden flight of the year with a successful couple of loads in the middle of February, and we aim to do more balloon loads throughout the year.

Congratulations to James Moran, a Chatteris regular who has now achieved his BPA FF Coach rating. He is regularly at the dropzone and is available for HU and HD Freefly coaching. Well done to Lawrence Fansa, who is excited to announce that he starts the UPT Mutant Training Program soon after having gained a place out of many applicants!

We are really looking forward to this summer, with the long nights, the regular beer and barbecues on the weekends. Come and get jumping to make the most of the jump ticket loyalty scheme and get on those £12 tickets!

Sophie Barnwell

Achievements:  CAT8/CH1  Laurence Freeman, Ricardo de Silva  JUMP NUMBERS  200  Bejay Cutmore, Alexander Ievlev  300  Max Fuller  800  Alison Peaock

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Photo: Train Exit in Florida by Sophie Barnwell