Firstly, we would like to welcome all of the new jumpers who have recently joined our club. We will be holding stacks of fun events this season with something for every ability level, so make sure you get involved! The Altitude Brothers Sky Scrambles are fast approaching, along with Freefly and Tracking weekends with Joe Laming. We are excited to be hosting lots of BPA events including the UK Wingsuit Nationals, the UKSL Meet 3, National Championship in Accuracy, Artistics and Speed, as well as the FAI Speed Skydiving World Cup, FAI European Championships and finally the Canopy Formation Nationals. There will be heaps to look forward to in 2019.

Have you got your FS1? Are you comfortable jumping in groups of three and four FS jumpers and want to progress your jumping, have even more fun and hopefully be invited to the 30-way FS attempt in August? Gary Powell and Adam Pemble are organising FS big-ways regularly this year. Why not join them to get guidance and build on your skills? Jumps cost just the normal jump price and you get a camera debrief if the group is bigger than six people.

We are open for jumping four days every week – Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – and we will occasionally be open for jumping ten days in a row. Everyone is welcome to jump on these weekdays. We have free camping here, and The Aviator Coffee Bar and Restaurant near the DZ is open for good food and a pint or two!

For the latest news and updates, check out our Facebook page at See you all soon.

Dates for your diary:
April 27-28: Altitude Brothers Sky Scrambles
May 11-12: Freefly weekend with Joe Laming
May 18-19: Tracking with Joe Laming
June 19-23: Long days Jumpfest
June 19-23: British Wingsuit Record warm-up with Kraig Evans
July 1-4: UK Wingsuit Nationals 2019
July 6-7: BPA UKSL Meet 3
August 3-4: BPA National Championship in Accuracy
August 3-4: BPA National Championship in Artistics and Speed
August 13-15: The FAI Speed Skydiving World Cup and FAI European Championships
September 8-10: Canopy Formation Nationals


Achievements: FF1 Mark Voysey  TR1  Catherine Voysey  JUMP NUMBERS  1,000  Andy Lock, Mark Voysey

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Photo: On the Pond by Joe Mann