Another month, another article – Bringing you the latest news, achievements and highlights at Beccles Drop zone. I hope every reader is also as shocked as me that the year is nearly over, but you know what they say – Time flies when you’re having fun! (No pun intended!)

First things first, the home-grown Beccles four-way team: Area 51 – Flew the nest to show everyone at nationals, hosted by Hibaldstow, exactly what we’re about! A huge congratulation incoming 6th place within the single A category doubling their average from last year. Won’t be long until you’re bringing home Gold! Area 51 consisting of: Mark Walker, Mark King, Ian Whayman and Jordan Bate.

Also representing us, Volare consisting of: Lucy Abbey, Lee Jenkins, James Leather and Ashley Bunn who competed in the Rookie category achieving 5th place. Ottimo Lavoro Ragazzi. you’re slowly putting Beccles on the map!

Moving up the ladder to some amazing individuals bringing home Gold – Andrew Garner is now titled the National Accuracy Novice Champion of the UK, and Lee Cogman achieving Silver in the intermediate category along with Richard Bissett who also won Gold for the UK Parachuting Beccles club. Awesome job representing your Drop zone bringing back 5 Golds and 2 Silver (at least).

Talking of landing on 50 pence pieces, Jordan Bate participated at the PD Bullseye event, Netheravon, coming 2nd and being invited to the finals in Deland! Get the beers in!

Whilst everybody is away participating in competitions and events we have been extremely busy back home breaking back to back records with our astonishing AFF school hitting A Licences like there’s no tomorrow. Two names I would like to pull out the hat (which is filled to brim with brilliant new flyers) is Ed and Paula Mellor, Mother and Son both smashing through their levels with flying colours and both achieving their A Licences ON THE SAME LOAD!! This a family affair I’d like to be a part of!

Honourable mentions: Lisa Lungley landed in the right place.

Andy Parker broke a record doing a total of 1 fun jump this year.

James Page did his first fun jump in two years, one month and 22 days at the time of writing this article – and didn’t cut away!

Barry, yes! Barry Woollard did his first (Live) camera jump.

Ski Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Base Jumper, Speed Flyer and Heart Throb Dave Tee is currently on his AFF Course, best of luck, we know you’ll smash it! Another thing you can tell the ladies you do.

Oh yeah, and Danny French has a Velo 84 (Not important, just thought I’d let you know).

Over and Out – Charlie Alpha Lima

Callum Kennedy

Achievements: A LICENCE Darryl Ahmed, Matt Rees, Tristan Spencer, Paul Dixon, Archie Glazebrook, Alan Ashby, Ed Mellor, Paula Mellor, Chris Morrison, Joshua Wisbey, Simon Kumar, Alex Green, Lewis Eccleshall, Graeme Kerr, Ahmet Cestepe, George Adams, Adam Barkham, Max Olive  C LICENCE Barry Woollard, Lee Jenkins  D LICENCE Rhian ‘beans’ Hogg, Sam Warburton  FS1 Martin O’Neill  TR1 Lee Jenkins  FF1 Rhian ‘beans’ Hogg

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Photo: Area 51 by Rob Lloyd