Unsurprisingly the action hasn’t been too frequent the last couple of months, a few breaks in the weather have allowed some skytime so the regulars could get their buzz. At least it gave me time to finish a boogie vid from the August boogie so we can re-live the scorching part of the summer.

A few locals are recovering from being attacked by the ground, so big shout to all the fallen jumpers, get fit over the winter and ready to butter your landings in 2020.

Smashing news from Mike Stocks who has been invited to be part of the GB team in wingsuiting next year, we’re all very proud to potentially have a Jersey Bean representing on the international stage.

The next big thing on the horizon is the Xmas party on the 7th December, a few jumps during the daylight hours, then celebrate the year’s achievements in the evening. It’s been a bumper year with 2 successful boogies, let’s keep the high times coming in 2020.

Blue skies & buttery landings!

Nigel O’Brien

Achievements:  JUMP NUMBERS 1000 Simon Griffiths 100 hours piloting the jumpship G-ATLT in 2019 Brian Heath

Find out more about Jersey: https://skydivejersey.net/

Photo: Matt Falloon & Mark Gatt