The weather has been diabolical the last couple of months but gives us a window as skydivers we’re grabbing the opportunity whether to have fun, achieve goals or just adding more stories to tell. If it wasn’t enough reporting on all the competitions in the last magazine we have held another one since the CF British Nationals.

  • Gold 4-way sequential – Airspace invaders
  • Gold 4-way rotation – CRWSADERS
  • Gold 2-way senior – Snakes on a Downplane
  • Gold 2-way intermediate – Fire & Ice
  • Gold 2-way rookie – RAF Lightning

The Bradley sisters come down to Dunkeswell who fitted in perfectly with their smiles and brought out a lot of smiles on the jumps they organised. These girls are cool and it was so nice they came down to organise loads.

Our thanks also to other load organisers and coaches Debbie Lamsley always a star who is passionate, Matty Mitchell, Matt Holford, Andy Kilpatrick, Joe Laming, Ian Hutchinson, who helped people have fun and achieve goals.

As a former CI of 22 years, I understand the environment of running a skydiving school and the workload that goes with it. The current CI/Owner Jason should be commended for the support he gives to the skydiving community to have fun.

Ten hot air balloons were organised for balloon jumps, fifty jumpers are booked on but sadly the weather has delayed it but we’re still hoping it will happen this year.

Preparations are already in full flow for next year, we’re holding the International POPs World Meet, multiple applications have been sent to the BPA to host the British Nationals in various disciplines. More helicopter jumps, night jumps, balloon jumps, organised events are planned to bring you fun. We have also added another attraction wing walking, it’s surprising how many skydivers want to experience it and no you can’t jump from it before you ask.

Lastly our congratulations to Neil Empringham and Georgina on their marriage. Neil decided to have his stag do jumping on Dunkeswell airfield, now that’s a true skydiver. We wish both of them the very best for the future.

Andy Guest

Achievements:  CH2/JM1 Erica Lock, Andrew Brieley, Hazel Jenkinson FS1 Hemant Hari, Erica Lock, Andrew Brieley FF1 Steve Scudmore, Isabel Espinosa  JUMP NUMBERS 50 Erica Lock, Andrew Brieley, Hazel Jenkinson 5000 Adam Pemble 60 HOURS FREEFALL Adam Pemble

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Photo: Sunset skydive by Andy Guest