If you want to be included in the UK SOS Record Attempt Warm Up weekend and record attempt events at Hibaldstow please contact Ron Wands via Facebook or email: ronwands@yahoo.co.uk

Just a reminder that you should all be registered as a UK POPS and SOS member before the events in case you break a record and it does not count as you were not registered.

The 15th World POPS Meet and Championship at Dunkeswell is planned for August 5-15 2020. Full registration is now open. Please see the World POPS Meet page on our website for full details: popsuk.wixsite.com/skydiving. If you have any questions relating to the event, then please don’t hesitate to contact me through the POPS website or on email: ParachutistsOverPhortyUK@gmail.com

Due to the restrictions applied by government, all of us will be spending a period of weeks at home. This would be a great time for you to dig out your old skydiving photos, scan and send them in so we can share these with our members.

Regarding the POPS Worlds in August we are watching how the situation closely and will make a call next month regarding whether this will go ahead as planned or be delayed to 2021.

Polly Chandler UK TOP POP #11, World TOP POP #12

Achievements: 50 YEARS OF SKYDIVING Scotty Milne

Find out more about POPS/SOS: https://popsuk.wixsite.com/skydiving

Photo: POPS/SOS group photo by Rob Lloyd