Back in January, CYPRES changed their maintenance policy from ‘highly recommended’ to ‘voluntary’ for any units manufactured after January 1 2016. This was based on data gathered from CYPRES 2 units that were in the field, which had been updated in 2014.

At the time, the BPA made the decision to require that maintenance was undertaken on these newer units, in line with the older units, at the four- and eight-ear points in the unit’s life.

Well, with more information, the BPA has now decided to follow the recommendation from CYPRES. UK jumpers with a unit made in 2016 can have the maintenance performed voluntarily at four and eight years, and, for those with a unit from January 1 2017 onwards, at five and 10 years.

Anyone with an older unit will still need to send it in as before, as this is still mandatory. However, irrespective of which unit you have, it’s still worth sending it in for a check-up. You wouldn’t drive a car without a service for 15 years, would you? And that’s not likely to be your last chance at life…

 By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –