Find out when and where competitions and coaching roadshows are taking place.

*COVID19 UPDATE* Following government advice to avoid gatherings, all non-essential travel and mindful of our social responsibility, British Skydiving has postponed a number of events including Competitions, Instructor Courses and Skills Coaching Roadshows.

British Skydiving conducted a formal review of the position and have taken the decision to cancel the Nationals, UKSL & GP events for 2020. 

CompetitionDateLocationResultsOfficial Link
Artistics18-19 JulySkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
Speed18-20 JulySkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
Wingsuiting Acrobatics18-19 JulySkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
Wingsuiting Performance20-22 JulySkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
Tracking Suit20-22 JulySkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
4-way Formation Skydiving29 Aug – 1 SeptSkydive HibaldstowResults After EventCANCELLED
8-way Formation Skydiving5-7 SeptSkydive HibaldstowResults After EventCANCELLED
Vertical Formation5-7 SeptSkydive HibaldstowResults After EventCANCELLED
Canopy Formation12-14 SeptSkydive Northwest, CarkResults After EventCANCELLED
Canopy Piloting18-20 SeptSkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
Accuracy18-20 SeptSkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
CompetitionDateLocationResultsOfficial Link
 UKSL Meet 12-3 May 2020APA, NetheravonResults After EventCANCELLED
 UKSL Meet 26-7 June 2020Skydive Northwest, CarkResults After EventCANCELLED
 UKSL Meet 34-5 July 2020UK Parachuting, SibsonResults After EventCANCELLED
GP in Accuracy Meet 116-17 MaySkydive Northwest, CarkResults After EventCANCELLED
GP in Accuracy Meet 230-31 MaySkydive HeadcornResults After EventCANCELLED
GP in CF Meet 127-28 JuneSkydiveBuzz, DunkeswellResults After EventCANCELLED
 GP in CF Meet 225-26 JulySkydive LangarResults After EventCANCELLED


Coaching RoadshowDateLocationFacebook Link
Formation Skydiving16-17 MayLangarPOSTPONED
Speed16-17 MayHibaldstowPOSTPONED
8-way Formation Skydiving30-31 MayHibaldstowPOSTPONED
Canopy Formation13-14 JunLangarPOSTPONED
4-way Formation Skydiving27-28 JunHibaldstowPOSTPONED
Formation Skydiving11-12 JulBecclesPOSTPONED
Formation Skydiving25-26 JulSibsonPOSTPONED
Competition Date Location Results Official Link
FAI World Parachuting Championships POSTPONED  Russia TBC

Find out when British Skydiving Instructor Courses, Council and Committee Meeting are scheduled.

CourseDateLocationMore Info
Tandem, AFF, Pre-Adv, Observers08-12 June 2020 DunkeswellPOSTPONED
Tandem, AFF, Pre-Adv, Observers06-10 July 2020 HibaldstowPOSTPONED
CSBI, AFFBI, TBI, Advanced03-07 August 2020 LangarPOSTPONED
CSI, Tandem, AFF, Pre-Adv, Observers10-14 August 2020 LangarPOSTPONED
Trail Tandem, AFF, Pre-Adv, Observers14-18 September 2020 APA, Netheravon*Find Out More
CSBI, AFFBI, TBI, Advanced09-13 November 2020 HeadcornPOSTPONED
CSI16-20 November 2020 HeadcornFind Out More

* Due to the COVID19 pandemic this course may be subject to cancellation at short notice.