Big thanks for everybody who joined us for our Christmas party! Well done to all of our award winners: Chris Cook was voted  Skydiver of the Year, Rhian Pocock won Student of the Year, and Matt Cumming won Outstanding Achievement. In particular  congratulations to Chris Judd, who successfully managed not to throw up on anybody the next day. I’d personally like to shout out to Mat, Marcus and Wes, for proving that jean shorts are always a fabulous choice no matter how formal the occasion.

Langar welcomed 2020 with its ‘Alternative Christmas Boogie’. Despite some poor weather, we made the most of it, particularly on New Year’s Eve, I believe Dan Maden won the fight to be the last person to jump at Langar in the decade!

On January 12 we hosted night jumps, which I’m told were super scenic and fun if rather chilly. As we announced at the  Christmas party, Oscar Hotel is receiving a shiny new Blackhawk engine. This means we will have two super fast Grand Caravans in time for the start of the season, ready to ferry you all up for even more fun jumps than last year. Brucie Johnson will be joining our regular group of pilots, which we’re all excited for!

Coming up in February we’ve got a freefly coaching weekend with James Moran and Jan Zackl, so all of you budding ninjas get yourselves here for the 15th and 16th. There’s also intermediate big-way with Jim Bradwell on February 29 and March 1. This is a walk-up event for anybody that can confidently fly as part of a 10-way.

Safety Day is on March 14 – the perfect day to refresh your emergency procedures in time for the warmer weather. Come and  soak up some wisdom from our instructors and find out what shenanigans Bob has been involved in this year!

Something else fun to put in your diary, we officially have dates for our 2020 boogies! Boogie 1 will be April 8-13, over the Easter weekend, and Boogie 2 will be September 12-20. In addition to our aircraft, the awesome FOXY plane is confirmed for the whole of Boogies 1 and 2 (yes, both weekends).

Amy Harrison

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Photo: Tracking into 2020 by Martin Skrbel