An exciting new season started with a Safety Day held in January to bring club jumpers and AFF students up to date. And back in November there was a first aid course relevant to issues that may need to be dealt with on a DZ – such as broken fingernails when packing and choking on fine burger van food… cheers to Matty Holford.

The HOT NEWS off the press is of our new Chief Instructor who will be the well-respected and much-worshipped legend of the sky Paul Floyd. Martin Harris, owner of SDL/LPS said this of former CI Jay Webster: “It has taken me some time to sit and write his as it is difficult to put into words my gratitude for all the work, advice and time that he has given us over the past few years. For me personally he has been stalwart and solid – coaching and kicking when needed and I cannot compose the phrasing to say how having someone of his calibre stood beside me when we are operating and being the font of knowledge that he is when I or Katrina have needed advice outside of operational hours has been fantastic. He has always been available to any of us at whatever level for coaching advice or when we needed a short pointer to keep us on the straight and narrow. Jay is the reason we have had such a safe and professional DZ and I for one have leaned heavily on his experience and advice during his time as CI.” So massive thanks to Jay Webster for heading up the team and staff over the past couple of seasons and it’s excellent news that he will still be involved jumping with us, throwing drogues, students and cool shapes.

Paul Floyd will be conducting a pre-season staff training session in February and Martin is always on the lookout for groundcrew, packers and DZ staff in general for the next season so get in touch via the website, club jumpers Facebook group – (or phone!)

There has been more fertility going on at our DZ with new parents Katie ‘Thud’ Unwin and Jonny Castell bringing the beautiful little Myles into the world – congratulations to them both!

The end of season party was a fabulous firework event with Dorian funding the thousand-pound firework display – and we’re not joking!

Cheers Dorz.

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Photo: LPS Archive