Temporary Member

Become a Temporary Member

There are no restrictions regarding who may take out a Temporary membership, but they are generally taken out by skydivers from non UK countries wishing temporarily to skydive at a British Skydiving Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation (PTO), or for those wishing to join British Skydiving for a short period of time, such as trainee skydivers taking a course over a period of time, but less than one month.

Skydivers who have been ‘Full’ British Skydiving members previously may also take out Temporary memberships. However, they will not be entitled to the privileges of Full membership, including voting rights, Skydive the Mag and ratings/qualifications previously gained will not be valid.

Criteria to Join

The Minimum Age for Skydiving is 16 years with parental or legal guardian consent required up to 18 years.

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