British Skydiving Forms

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Form NumberForm TitleIssue NumberDate of IssueForms
134FS Coach Application16Feb-22Download PDF
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134ACF Coach Application12Feb-22Download PDF
134BCH Coach Application14Feb-22Download PDF
134CCP Coach Application13Feb-22Download PDF
134DFF Coach Application10Feb-22Download PDF
134EWS Coach Application9Feb-22Download PDF
134FBFF Coach Application7Feb-22Download PDF
134GTR Coach Application6Feb-22Download PDF
134HBTR Coach Application4Feb-22Download PDF
185Display Notification (AUS, British Skydiving)32Dec-21Download PDF
277British Skydiving Judges Procedures3Feb 22Download PDF
288Code of Practice for Instructors & Coaches5Jan-21Download PDF
101Full Membership Renewal Form 2022-20232July-22Download PDF
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103Full Membership 2022-20232July-22Download PDF
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103AFull Membership (Retired) 2022-20232July-22Download PDF
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106Membership Agreement2July-22Download PDF
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107Membership Subscriptions 2022-20231Mar-22Download PDF
104Temporary Membership 2022-20232July-22Download PDF
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CurrentFull List of Current Forms09 August-22Download PDF
108APilot Application14July-22Download PDF
108BPilot Training Syllabus4Dec-19Download PDF
108CFlight Test Proforma4Jul-22Download PDF
108FAdditional Aircraft Type Application4Dec-19Download PDF
108GPilot Renewal14Jul-22Download PDF
108HClub Chief Pilot Application8Dec-19Download PDF
108EPilot's Proficiency Check 6Dec-19Download PDF
108JPilot Examiner Application10Dec-19Download PDF
109ABalloon Pilot Application/Renewal12Dec-19Download PDF
109BGuidelines for Balloon Pilots9Dec-19Download PDF
110Sporting Licence Application/Renewal15Jul-22Download PDF
110AProcedure & Policy for the issuing of Sporting Licences2Dec-19Download PDF
111Approved Packing Certificate12Dec-19Download PDF
112C100 Jump Inspection Requirements3Dec-19Download PDF
112DTandem Harness Airworthiness Inspection5Dec-19Download PDF
112ETandem Equipment Repair Log3Dec-19Download PDF
113Front Mounted Reserves Inspection Record5Dec-19Download PDF
115AStudent Tandem Medical Declaration6Dec-19Download PDF
115BStudent Tandem Doctors Certificate6Jul-22Download PDF
115CSolo Student Medical Self-Declaration6Apr-20Download PDF
115DSolo Student Doctors Certificate5Jul-22Download PDF
115ELicensed Parachutist Self-Declaration5Dec-19Download PDF
115FLicensed Parachutist Doctors Certificate6Jul-22Download PDF
116Tandem Instructor Medical10Dec-19Download PDF
116ASolo Instructor Medical Certificate3Jul-22Download PDF
117Injury Report8Jun-21Download PDF
118Incident/Malfunction/Deploy Problem Report4Sep-15Download PDF
118ATandem Incident/Mal/Deploy Problem Report2Apr-07Download PDF
119Third Party Claim3Dec-19Download PDF
126Radio Licence Application5Dec-19Download PDF
125Radio Station Operators Guide15Dec-19Download PDF
128Application for a Radio Station CAA1417N/AAug-16Download PDF
130British Skydiving-NFU Code of Conduct3Dec-19Download PDF
135Application for Re-Affiliation of PTO7Dec-19Download PDF
138Registration of Basic Rigger Assessment Training5Dec-19Download PDF
139Static Line Deployment Bag Specification4Dec-19Download PDF
141BCRW/BCCR/BCCS Awards Application3Dec-19Download PDF
142BSCR & BSCS Awards Application Form4Dec-19Download PDF
143GBritish Skydiving Funding Claim Form1Sep-21Download PDF
143FBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - HOD/Team Manager1Sep-21Download PDF
143DBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - Instructors1Sep-21Download PDF
143CBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - Council1Sep-21Download PDF
143ABritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form6Sep-21Download PDF
144ABritish Skydiving Minor Mods 1 & 25Dec-19Download PDF
144BBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 33Dec-19Download PDF
144CBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 3A3Dec-19Download PDF
144DBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 43Dec-19Download PDF
145Jump Number & Free Fall Awards Appl.5Dec-19Download PDF
146Incident Procedures13Dec-19Download PDF
147Application for PTO Affiliation6Dec-19Download PDF
148Requirements for PTO Affiliation6Dec-19Download PDF
151CSBI, CSI, AI, Training Syllabus12Jul-22Download PDF
151aNon-British Skydiving AI Conversion Course Syllabus3Jul-22Download PDF
152Tandem (TBI & TI) Instructor Training Syllabus10Jul-22Download PDF
153AFF (AFFBI & AFFI) instructor Training Syllabus12Jul-22Download PDF
153aNon-British Skydiving AFFI Conversion Syllabus8Jul-22Download PDF
153bNon-British Skydiving TI Conversion Course Syllabus8Jul-22Download PDF
160STC Terms of Reference13Jul-22Download PDF
169Advanced Packing Course Syllabus16Dec-19Download PDF
172Guidelines for Producing SOPs4Dec-19Download PDF
174Member Development Committee Terms (MDC) of Reference9Mar-20Download PDF
175Reserve Packing Training Record6Dec-19Download PDF
178Duties & Responsibilities of Council Members22Dec-20Download PDF
180Skydiving for Disabled People5Dec-19Download PDF
182Guidelines for the Completion of Form 1179Jul-21Download PDF
183Instructor Course Application/Recommendation18Mar-21Download PDF
183AAFF/Tandem Instructor Course Application/Recommendation12Mar-21Download PDF
184Guidelines for Completion of Form 1188Jul-21Download PDF
184AGuidelines for Completion of Form 118A4Jul-21Download PDF
185ADelegation of UK Airspace7Dec-19Download PDF
185BDisplays in a CTR13Jun-21Download PDF
185CLondon Terminal Control Sector16Dec-21Download PDF
187Guidelines for IS15Dec-19Download PDF
189Guidelines for SS1 & SS25Dec-19Download PDF
190ABritish Skydiving National ‘A’ Licence Application6Jul-22Download PDF
190BBritish Skydiving National ‘B’ Licence Application6Jul-22Download PDF
190CBritish Skydiving National ‘C’ Licence Application6Jul-22Download PDF
190DBritish Skydiving National ‘D’ Licence Application6Jul-22Download PDF
191Communications Committee Terms of Reference7Dec-19Download PDF
192DZ Frequencies and Contacts32Feb-20Download PDF
193ATSU Notification4Dec-19Download PDF
194Riggers’ Subcommittee Terms of Reference9Jul-22Download PDF
197Guidelines for an Approved Packing Cert8Dec-19Download PDF
198Tandem Packing Course (Syllabus)6Jul-22Download PDF
199Basic Riggers Course (Syllabus)9Dec-19Download PDF
200Parachute Riggers Course (Syllabus)11Jul-22Download PDF
201Advanced Riggers Course (Syllabus)8Dec-19Download PDF
202Rigger Examiner Course (Syllabus)7Dec-19Download PDF
204ATandem Emergencies - Vector7Dec-19Download PDF
204BTandem Emergencies - Racer2Dec-19Download PDF
204CTandem Emergencies - Strong2Dec-19Download PDF
204DTandem Emergencies - Next4Dec-19Download PDF
204ETandem Emergencies - Atom3Dec-19Download PDF
204FTandem Emergencies - Sigma5Dec-19Download PDF
204GTandem Emergencies – Strong/Next3Dec-19Download PDF
204HTandem Emergencies – SWS Fire2Dec-19Download PDF
208Initial Issue of Advanced Packers Rating4Dec-19Download PDF
209Student Equipment Change Application3Dec-19Download PDF
211AChair of Riggers’ Nomination Form - 20221Sep-21Download PDF
212Approved Tandem Equipment Mods21Oct-21Download PDF
215British Skydiving Reserve Sealing Method2Dec-19Download PDF
217Skills Roadshow Feedback Form2Dec-19Download PDF
217ASkills Coaching Roadshow Structure2Dec-19Download PDF
217BUKSL/Grand Prix Feedback Form2Dec-19Download PDF
220Anti-Doping Policy & Rules2Dec-19Download PDF
224About British Skydiving11Jul-22Download PDF
226FAI International Certificate Application4Dec-19Download PDF
227ASafety Poster – Potential Problem1Oct-02Download PDF
227BSafety Poster – Altimeter Settings1Nov-02Download PDF
236Suggested Guidelines for a CP5Oct-13Download PDF
237Rigging Loft Minimum Criteria2Dec-19Download PDF
238List of all British Skydiving Rigging Related Documents6Apr-19Download PDF
239Gala Dinner Ticket Order2Dec-19Download PDF
242Instructor Training Log3Dec-19Download PDF
244APTO Risk Assessment Guidelines5Dec-19Download PDF
244BClub Risk Assessment Form4Dec-19Download PDF
244B(Example) Club Risk Assessment Form5Jul-22Download PDF
245ADisplay Team Risk Assessment Guidelines3Dec-19Download PDF
245BDisplay Team Risk Assessment Form2Dec-10Download PDF
245B(Example) Display Risk Assessment Form2Dec-10Download PDF
245DDisplay Team Risk Assessment Checklist3Dec-19Download PDF
246Aircraft Documentation Checklist3Dec-19Download PDF
247AJM1 & CT1 Record Sheet1Mar-21Download PDF
248CT3 Record Sheet5Jun-21Download PDF
252Asthma Advice3Dec-19Download PDF
253Packing – Rigging Confidential Report2Dec-19Download PDF
254ACSBI Proficiency Card7June-22Download PDF
254BTBI Proficiency Card4Dec-19Download PDF
254CAFFBI Proficiency Card6June-22Download PDF
254DCSI Proficiency Card6June-22Download PDF
254ETI Proficiency Card5Dec-19Download PDF
254FAFFI Proficiency Card7June-22Download PDF
254GNon-British Skydiving AFFI Proficiency Card9June-22Download PDF
254HNon-British Skydiving TI Proficiency Card6Dec-19Download PDF
256British Skydiving Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure8Jul-20Download PDF
256ABritish Skydiving Disciplinary Procedure Chart2Jan-19Download PDF
257Guideline for Manufacturer of Safety Stows1Feb-06Download PDF
258Student Harness/Container-Initial Acceptance3Dec-16Download PDF
258ATandem Harness/Container-Initial Acceptance3Dec-16Download PDF
259Media Co-ordinator Terms of Reference3Oct-13Download PDF
261Crash Landing Procedures3Dec-19Download PDF
263Policy for Use of the BPA Logo4Apr-16Download PDF
266CAA Permission Application SRG1313N/AN/ADownload PDF
267Aide memoir to Head of Delegation, etc1Mar-17Download PDF
268First jump media release1Sep-08Download PDF
269Categories of membership6Mar-15Download PDF
270AGM/General Meeting Proxy Form3Dec-19Download PDF
272Display Jumpers Training Record3Mar-12Download PDF
273Tandem to Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Conversion Training3Dec-19Download PDF
274Nationals Entry Form3July 22Download PDF
275Guidelines for completing Forms 112 & 112A3Dec-19Download PDF
278Elite Performance Committee (EPC) Terms of Reference3Mar-20Download PDF
279CAA Application for Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence SRG141311Aug-17Download PDF
280Council & Committee protocols3Dec-20Download PDF
281Guidance Notes for the Tandem Equipment Parachute Packing/Inspection Log and 100 Jump Equipment Inspection (Form112b) (Blue Book)3Dec-19Download PDF
283Specialist Interest Group (SIG) – objectives & procedures3Dec-19Download PDF
286AFF Consolidation Brief for instructors3Dec-19Download PDF
290Advanced Packer Tandem Markings for Tandem Reserves5Dec-19Download PDF
294Tandem Instructor Equipment Conversion Requirements2Dec-19Download PDF
296British Skydiving Star nomination form2Dec-19Download PDF
297British Skydiving Council Member role description4Dec-20Download PDF
298AEquipment Related Incident Form2Dec-19Download PDF
298BGuidelines for Completion of Form 298A2Dec-19Download PDF
299Team Composition & Allowable Changes1May-17Download PDF
300Targeted Coaching Support2Aug-19Download PDF
301British Skydiving Expo Speakers’ Brief4Dec-19Download PDF
302Requirements & Guidelines for renewing Advanced Packer ratings2Dec-19Download PDF
303Code of Conduct for all British Skydiving Volunteers3Dec-20Download PDF
304Safeguarding policy statement for our sport5Aug 22Download PDF
310Privacy notice for British Skydiving members, etc1May-18Download PDF
316Rigger Course Application Form / Recommendation2Dec-19Download PDF
318ACF Example Equipment Log for Events1Feb-19Download PDF
318BCF Example Equipment Log for Coaching1Feb-19Download PDF
319Equality and Diversity policy2Dec-19Download PDF
320Social Media Communications Policy1Jul-19Download PDF
325Tandem Instructor Probationary Record Card3Apr-21Download PDF
250Duties and responsibilities of British Skydiving volunteers1Dec-19Download PDF
323Whistleblowing Policy3Jul-22Download PDF
176Pilots Voluntary Reporting4Dec-19Download PDF
327Finance Committee Terms of Reference1Mar-20Download PDF
328Technical Excellence Advisers - Outline of Role1Mar-20Download PDF
116XSkydiving Instructor Medical Extension Declaration1May-20Download PDF
330iCanopy Sizing Chart - Standard1Mar-21Download PDF
330iiCanopy Sizing Chart - CT21Mar-21Download PDF
330iiiCanopy Sizing Chart - CT3/CT41Mar-21Download PDF
247bForm 247B - CT2-Record-Sheet1Apr-21Download PDF
331Form 331 - Guidelines for High Performance Landing Areas1Apr-21Download PDF
332Form 332 - Variation to Canopy Guidelines (Form 330)1Apr-21Download PDF
263APolicy on the Use of the British Skydiving logo1Apr-21Download PDF
277BChief Judges Handbook1May-21Download PDF
243UK National Skydiving Record Form5May-21Download PDF
166Grand Prix Accuracy Landing Rules1May-21Download PDF
132AGP Accuracy Entry Form 20211May-21Download PDF
333British Skydiving IT Equipment Loan1May-21Download PDF
165UKSL 4-way Rules 20223Jun-22Download PDF
131UKSL 4-way FS Entry Form 20211Apr-22Download PDF
133GP Canopy Formation Entry Form 20211Jun-21Download PDF
291Canopy Formation Technical Rules 20211Jun-21Download PDF
206Summary of British Skydiving Insurance 2022-231Apr-22Download PDF
274AAccuracy Nationals Entry Form1Sep-21Download PDF
277AChief Judges Report2Dec-19Download PDF
335Volunteer Expenses Policy1Sep-21Download PDF
336ITSG Committee Terms of Reference1Oct-21Download PDF
120Display Team Application5Dec 21Download PDF
219TEA Role Description1Feb-22Download PDF
337IDE Subcommittee Terms of Reference1May 2022Download PDF
338Nomination for Chair IDE Subcommittee1May 2022Download PDF
164Grand Prix CF Rules 20221June 2022Download PDF