British Skydiving Forms

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Form NumberForm TitleIssue NumberDate of IssueForms
131Skydive Northwest FS 4-way & VFS 2-way 2024 entry form124 Apr 2024Download PDF
355Foundation Coach CPD Requirement 1April 2024Download PDF
256bBoard & Panel of Inquiry Procedure1April 2024Download PDF
345Foundation Coach Application1April 2024Download PDF
351Role Description - ISC Cttee Member15 Apr 2024Download PDF
352Role Description - ISC Delegate15 Apr 2024Download PDF
277FTrainee Judge - Training Log1May 2023Download PDF
277ETrainee Judges Training Syllabus1May 2023Download PDF
277NTrainee Judge Proficiency Card WS1May 2023Download PDF
277MTrainee Judge Proficiency Card Speed1May 2023Download PDF
277LTrainee Judge Proficiency Card FS1May 2023Download PDF
277KTrainee Judge Proficiency Card CP1May 2023Download PDF
277JTrainee Judge Proficiency Card CF1May 2023Download PDF
277ITrainee Judge Proficiency Card AE1May 2023Download PDF
277HTrainee Judge Proficiency Card Acc1May 2023Download PDF
277GTrainee Judge Proficiency Card General1May 2023Download PDF
243aBritish Skydiving National Records2JSep-23Download PDF
342Camera Training record Sheet1June 2023Download PDF
164Grand Prix CF Rules 2024 Meet 25June 2024Download PDF
277CTrainee Judges Training Manual1Apr 2023Download PDF
277DJudges Conflict of Interest1Apr 2023Download PDF
201Advanced Riggers Course Syllabus9April 23Download PDF
202Rigger Examiner Course Syllabus8April 23Download PDF
145aJump Pilot Hours Flying Award Application1Feb 2023Download PDF
230BBritish Skydiving Support for Elite Athletes3Dec 22Download PDF
341Development Event Info Sheet1Sept 2022Download PDF
340Development Event Agreement Form1Sept 2022Download PDF
339Development Events Application Form1Sept 2022Download PDF
267aHead of Delegation/TM role description1Nov 2022Download PDF
CurrentFull List of Current Forms18 June 2024Download PDF
164Grand Prix CF Rules Meet 13
338Nomination for Chair IDE Subcommittee1May 2022Download PDF
337IDE Subcommittee Terms of Reference2Feb 2023Download PDF
219TEA Role Description1Feb-22Download PDF
120Display Team Application7Nov 23Download PDF
336ITSG Committee Terms of Reference1Oct-21Download PDF
335Volunteer Expenses Policy2May 24Download PDF
277AChief Judges Report3May 24Download PDF
274AAccuracy Nationals Entry FormMay-24Download PDF
206Summary of British Skydiving Insurance 24-251Apr-24Download PDF
291Canopy Formation Technical Rules 20243May 2024Download PDF
133GP Canopy Formation Entry Form 2023 4May 2023Download PDF
131UKSL 4-way FS Entry Form 20242Apr-24Download PDF
165UKSL FS 4way & VFS 2way Rules 20246Jun-24Download PDF
333British Skydiving IT Equipment Loan1May-21Download PDF
132AGP Accuracy Entry Form 20244May-24Download PDF
166Grand Prix Accuracy Landing Rules4Jun-24Download PDF
243bUK National Skydiving Record Form6Jun-23Download PDF
277BChief Judges Handbook1May-21Download PDF
263APolicy on the Use of the British Skydiving logo1Apr-21Download PDF
332Form 332 - Variation to Canopy Guidelines (Form 330)1Apr-21Download PDF
331Form 331 - Guidelines for High Performance Landing Areas1Apr-21Download PDF
247bForm 247B - CT2-Record-Sheet1Apr-21Download PDF
330iiiCanopy Sizing Chart - CT3/CT41Mar-21Download PDF
330iiCanopy Sizing Chart - CT21Mar-21Download PDF
330iCanopy Sizing Chart - Standard1Mar-21Download PDF
116XSkydiving Instructor Medical Extension Declaration1May-20Download PDF
328Technical Excellence Advisers - Outline of Role2Jan-24Download PDF
327Finance Committee Terms of Reference2Jan-24Download PDF
176Pilots Voluntary Reporting4Dec-19Download PDF
250Duties and responsibilities of British Skydiving volunteers1Dec-19Download PDF
325Tandem Instructor Probationary Record Card4Apr-24Download PDF
320Social Media Communications Policy1Jul-19Download PDF
319Equality and Diversity policy2Dec-19Download PDF
318BCF Example Equipment Log for Coaching1Feb-19Download PDF
318ACF Example Equipment Log for Events1Feb-19Download PDF
316Rigger Course Application Form / Recommendation4Nov-23Download PDF
310Privacy notice for British Skydiving members, etc1May-18Download PDF
303Code of Conduct for all British Skydiving Volunteers4Jan-24Download PDF
302Requirements & Guidelines for renewing Advanced Packer ratings3Feb-24Download PDF
301British Skydiving Expo Speakers’ Brief4Dec-19Download PDF
300Targeted Coaching Support2Aug-19Download PDF
299Team Composition & Allowable Changes3May 23Download PDF
298BGuidelines for Completion of Form 298A2Dec-19Download PDF
298AEquipment Related Incident Form2Dec-19Download PDF
297British Skydiving Council Member role description6Oct-23Download PDF
296British Skydiving Star nomination form2Dec-19Download PDF
294Tandem Instructor Equipment Conversion Requirements2Dec-19Download PDF
290Advanced Packer Tandem Markings for Tandem Reserves5Dec-19Download PDF
286AFF Consolidation Brief for instructors3Dec-19Download PDF
283Specialist Interest Group (SIG) – objectives & procedures3Dec-19Download PDF
281Guidance Notes for the Tandem Equipment Parachute Packing/Inspection Log and 100 Jump Equipment Inspection (Form112b) (Blue Book)3Dec-19Download PDF
280Council & Committee protocols3Dec-20Download PDF
279CAA Application for Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence SRG141311Feb-24Download PDF
278Elite Performance Committee (EPC) Terms of Reference4Jan-24Download PDF
275Guidelines for completing Forms 112 & 112A3Dec-19Download PDF
274Nationals Entry Form5May-24Download PDF
273Tandem to Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Conversion Training4Nov-22Download PDF
272Display Jumpers Training Record3Mar-12Download PDF
270AGM/General Meeting Proxy Form5Jan-24Download PDF
269Categories of membership6Mar-15Download PDF
268First jump media release1Sep-08Download PDF
267Duties & Responsibilities of Head of Delegation/Delegation Manager3Nov 2022Download PDF
266CAA Permission Application SRG13134March 2024Download PDF
263Policy for Use of the BPA Logo4Apr-16Download PDF
261Crash Landing Procedures3Dec-19Download PDF
259Media Co-ordinator Terms of Reference3Oct-13Download PDF
258ATandem Harness/Container-Initial Acceptance3Dec-16Download PDF
258Student Harness/Container-Initial Acceptance3Dec-16Download PDF
257Guideline for Manufacturer of Safety Stows3April 23Download PDF
256British Skydiving Complaints Policy1Oct-22Download PDF
254HNon-British Skydiving TI Proficiency Card6Dec-19Download PDF
254GNon-British Skydiving AFFI Proficiency Card9June-22Download PDF
254FAFFI Proficiency Card7June-22Download PDF
254ETI Proficiency Card5Dec-19Download PDF
254DCSI Proficiency Card6June-22Download PDF
254CAFFBI Proficiency Card6June-22Download PDF
254BTBI Proficiency Card4Dec-19Download PDF
254ACSBI Proficiency Card7June-22Download PDF
253Packing – Rigging Confidential Report2Dec-19Download PDF
252Asthma Advice3Dec-19Download PDF
248CT3 Record Sheet5Jun-21Download PDF
247AJM1 & CT1 Record Sheet1Mar-21Download PDF
246Aircraft Documentation Checklist3Dec-19Download PDF
245DDisplay Team Risk Assessment Checklist3Dec-19Download PDF
245B(Example) Display Risk Assessment Form2Dec-10Download PDF
245BDisplay Team Risk Assessment Form2Dec-10Download PDF
245ADisplay Team Risk Assessment Guidelines3Dec-19Download PDF
244B(Example) Club Risk Assessment Form5Jul-22Download PDF
244BClub Risk Assessment Form4Dec-19Download PDF
244APTO Risk Assessment Guidelines5Dec-19Download PDF
242Instructor Training Log3Dec-19Download PDF
238List of all British Skydiving Rigging Related Documents6Apr-19Download PDF
237Rigging Loft Minimum Criteria3April 23Download PDF
236Suggested Guidelines for a CP7Feb-24Download PDF
227BSafety Poster – Altimeter Settings1Nov-02Download PDF
227ASafety Poster – Potential Problem1Oct-02Download PDF
226FAI International Certificate Application5Feb-23Download PDF
224About British Skydiving11Jul-22Download PDF
220Anti-Doping Policy & Rules3Dec-22Download PDF
217BUKSL/Grand Prix Feedback Form2Dec-19Download PDF
215British Skydiving Reserve Sealing Method3Apr-23Download PDF
212Approved Tandem Equipment Mods21Oct-21Download PDF
211AChair of Riggers’ Nomination Form - 20241Sep-23Download PDF

209Student Equipment Change Application3Dec-19Download PDF
208Initial Issue of Advanced Packers Rating5Apr-24Download PDF
204FTandem Emergencies - Sigma5Dec-19Download PDF
204GTandem Emergencies – Strong/Next3Dec-19Download PDF
204HTandem Emergencies – SWS Fire2Dec-19Download PDF
204ETandem Emergencies - Atom3Dec-19Download PDF
204DTandem Emergencies - Next4Dec-19Download PDF
204CTandem Emergencies - Strong2Dec-19Download PDF
204BTandem Emergencies - Racer2Dec-19Download PDF
204ATandem Emergencies - Vector7Dec-19Download PDF
200Parachute Riggers Course (Syllabus)12April 23Download PDF
199Basic Riggers Course (Syllabus)10April 23Download PDF
198Tandem Packing Course (Syllabus)6Jul-22Download PDF
197Guidelines for an Approved Packing Cert8Dec-19Download PDF
193ATSU Notification4Dec-19Download PDF
194Riggers’ Subcommittee Terms of Reference10Nov-23Download PDF
192DZ Frequencies and Contacts32Feb-20Download PDF
191Communications Committee Terms of Reference7Dec-19Download PDF
189Guidelines for SS1 & SS25Dec-19Download PDF
190ABritish Skydiving National ‘A’ Licence Application7Feb-23Download PDF
190BBritish Skydiving National ‘B’ Licence Application8Feb-23Download PDF
190CBritish Skydiving National ‘C’ Licence Application7Feb-23Download PDF
190DBritish Skydiving National ‘D’ Licence Application7Feb-23Download PDF
187Guidelines for IS15Dec-19Download PDF
185CLondon Terminal Control Sector18Dec-23Download PDF
185BDisplays in a CTR13Jun-21Download PDF
185ADelegation of UK Airspace7Dec-19Download PDF
184AGuidelines for Completion of Form 118A4Jul-21Download PDF
184Guidelines for Completion of Form 1188Jul-21Download PDF
183AAFF/Tandem Instructor Course Application/Recommendation14Nov-23Download PDF
183Instructor Course Application/Recommendation20Nov-23
Download PDF
182Guidelines for the Completion of Form 1179Jul-21Download PDF
180Skydiving for Disabled People5Dec-19Download PDF
178Duties & Responsibilities of Directors of BPA LTD2Oct-2023Download PDF
175Reserve Packing Training Record7April 2023Download PDF
174Member Development Committee Terms (MDC) of Reference11Jan 2024Download PDF
172Guidelines for Producing SOPs4Dec-19Download PDF
169Advanced Packing Course Syllabus17Feb-24Download PDF
160STC Terms of Reference14Nov 23Download PDF
153bNon-British Skydiving TI Conversion Course Syllabus9Oct-23Download PDF
153aNon-British Skydiving AFFI Conversion Syllabus9Oct-23Download PDF
153AFF (AFFBI & AFFI) instructor Training Syllabus12Jul-22Download PDF
152Tandem (TBI & TI) Instructor Training Syllabus10Jul-22Download PDF
151aNon-British Skydiving AI Conversion Course Syllabus4Oct-23Download PDF
151CSBI, CSI, AI, Training Syllabus12Jul-22Download PDF
148Requirements for PTO Affiliation7Apr-24Download PDF
147Application for PTO Affiliation6Dec-19Download PDF
146Incident Procedures14Sep-23Download PDF
145Jump Number & Free Fall Awards Appl.5Dec-19Download PDF
144DBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 43Dec-19Download PDF
144CBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 3A3Dec-19Download PDF
144BBritish Skydiving Minor Mod 33Dec-19Download PDF
144ABritish Skydiving Minor Mods 1 & 25Dec-19Download PDF
143ABritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form7Sep-23Download PDF
143CBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - CouncilSep-23Download PDF
143DBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - InstructorsSep-23Download PDF
143FBritish Skydiving Officials Expenses Claim Form - HOD/Team ManagerSep-23Download PDF
143GBritish Skydiving Funding Claim FormSep-23Download PDF
142BSCR & BSCS Awards Application Form4Dec-19Download PDF
141BCRW/BCCR/BCCS Awards Application3Dec-19Download PDF
139Static Line Deployment Bag Specification4Dec-19Download PDF
138Registration of Basic Rigger Assessment Training5Dec-19Download PDF
135Application for Re-Affiliation of PTO7Dec-19Download PDF
130British Skydiving-NFU Code of Conduct3Dec-19Download PDF
128Application for a Radio Station CAA1417N/AAug-16Download PDF
125Radio Station Operators Guide17Apr-24Download PDF
119Third Party Claim3Dec-19Download PDF
118Incident/Malfunction/Deploy Problem Report4Sep-15Download PDF
118ATandem Incident/Mal/Deploy Problem Report2Apr-07Download PDF
117Injury Report8Jun-21Download PDF
116ASolo Instructor Medical Certificate3Jul-22Download PDF
116Tandem Instructor Medical11Jul-23Download PDF
115FLicensed Parachutist Doctors Certificate6Jul-22Download PDF
115ELicensed Parachutist Self-Declaration5Dec-19Download PDF
115DSolo Student Doctors Certificate5Jul-22Download PDF
115CSolo Student Medical Self-Declaration6Apr-20Download PDF
115BStudent Tandem Doctors Certificate6Jul-22Download PDF
115AStudent Tandem Medical Declaration6Dec-19Download PDF
113Front Mounted Reserves Inspection Record5Dec-19Download PDF
112ETandem Equipment Repair Log3Dec-19Download PDF
112DTandem Harness Airworthiness Inspection5Dec-19Download PDF
112C100 Jump Inspection Requirements3Dec-19Download PDF
111Approved Packing Certificate12Dec-19Download PDF
110AProcedure & Policy for the issuing of Sporting Licences2Dec-19Download PDF
110Sporting Licence Application/Renewal1Feb 24Download PDF
109BGuidelines for Balloon Pilots9Dec-19Download PDF
109ABalloon Pilot Application/Renewal13Mar-23Download PDF
108JPilot Examiner Application10Dec-19Download PDF
108EPilot's Proficiency Check 6Dec-19Download PDF
108HClub Chief Pilot Application8Dec-19Download PDF
108GPilot Renewal15Mar-23Download PDF
108FAdditional Aircraft Type Application4Dec-19Download PDF
108CFlight Test Proforma4Jul-22Download PDF
108BPilot Training Syllabus4Dec-19Download PDF
108APilot Application15Mar-22Download PDF
134FS Coach Application17Mar-23Download PDF
134ACF Coach Application13Mar-23Download PDF
134BCH Coach Application15Mar-23Download PDF
134CCP Coach Application14Mar-23Download PDF
134DFF Coach Application11Mar-23Download PDF
134EWS Coach Application10Mar-23Download PDF
134FBFF Coach Application8Mar-23Download PDF
134GTR Coach Application7Mar-23Download PDF
134HBTR Coach Application5Mar-23Download PDF
185Display Notification (AUS, British Skydiving)33May-2023Download PDF
277British Skydiving Judges Procedures4Apr 2023Download PDF
288Code of Practice for Instructors & Coaches5Jan-21Download PDF
101Full Membership Renewal Form 2024-202512024/2025Download PDF
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103Full Membership 2024-20251Mar 2024Download PDF
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103AFull Membership (Retired) 2024-20251Feb 2024Download PDF
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106Membership Agreement1Feb 2024Download PDF
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107Membership Subscriptions 2024-202522024/2025Download PDF
104Temporary Membership 2024-20251Feb 2024Download PDF
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