Here’s an interesting new concept in the world of handles. Aerodyne recently teased this image on Facebook and it certainly piqued my inner nerd enough to give them a shout to try and find out more.

Currently still in the ‘design, testing, and maybe not do anything with it, but maybe we will phase, these are a set of handles made out of carbon fibre.

Lighter than their metal counterparts, carbon handles would not only be stronger with less weight, they’d also look damn cool. Their rigidity and custom shaping would allow for them to sit snugly in the harness, and not float in the same way soft handles do in freefall, so they’d (in theory at least) always be in exactly the same place, nice and snug up against your body.

Will these ever see production? At this stage, who knows, but if this seems like a good idea to you, give the good folk at Aerodyne a shout and let them know
your thoughts.

Priced from £TBC

 By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –