As skydivers, we know how important it is to capture every microsecond of our jumps from multiple angles – because how else would anyone know we were  skydivers? GoPro dominate our helmets, with Sony putting up a good fight too with their AS range of cameras, but now, the leaders of the drone world, DJI, want in on the action.

We know DJI know their drones, but what about cameras? Well, the cameras on those drones have been long regarded as awesome, so it stands to reason that they could create something special in the action camera world. Enter the Osmo Action, a 4K action camera with a 1/2.3-inch sensor that can capture 12mp stills and 4K footage at 60fps at 100Mbps. Boasting ‘RockSteady’, their Electronic Image Stabilisation, they claim that all your shots will be super-smooth and, with the ability to shoot HDR at 30fps, changing light conditions shouldn’t be an issue. If you like things slow, you can shoot at 8x slomo in 1080p at 240fps or 4x in 1080p at 120fps.

There’s a touch screen on the back and, interestingly, a screen on the front which is useful for framing those all-important selfie videos on the ground. The case itself is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, with the ability to work in sub-freezing conditions – perfect for a UK summer.

Featuring a removable battery, you should see 93 minutes of recording time when using RockSteady and 135 minutes without it. There are two built-in microphones and a speaker for checking your recording. With an adapter, you can use an external mic as well.

There’s obviously a range of accessories, including mounts, cases, handles and a selection of filters over and above the ND, polarizer and underwater filters that it ships with.

Want one? You can get it now for £329 from all the usual outlets.

 By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –