As skydivers, we love an action camera (or two, or three…), which is music to GoPro’s ears, as they continue to release new versions of their cameras. Do they need to keep updating them so frequently? Who knows, but they’re back with yet another model.

Fifteen years since the first GoPro camera, they’ve announced their latest and greatest, the GoPro Hero8 Black.

This new camera pretty much follows the same form as the previous generations and looks almost identical to the 7. So, what makes it different? The key headline from GoPro is the new ‘next-level’ HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilisation, which they claim is significantly better than 1.0. This new version works in all frame rates and resolutions and in addition offers a ‘boost’ mode and in-app horizon levelling.

Timewarp is another new feature that will let you adjust the frame rates during a shot, either by tapping the screen, or it can try and figure it out for you. It means you can take those cool shots where you go from super fast looking time-lapse, to slow motion in one.


Video wise, you can shoot 4K at 60fps and stills at 12MP, with the latter now featuring some new HDR tech to improve images under awkward lighting conditions. The Hero8 boasts four ‘digital’ lenses, which let you select between 16mm through 27mm for super-wide, or narrow shooting.

New for this range is the addition of a series of mods for the camera. Not that useful for skydiving, but handy if you’re using your camera for other things (who does that?), like vlogging. Mods currently include; the Media Mod, which adds a small shotgun-style mic, HDMI out ports, and two cold shoe mounts, the Display Mod, which is a flip-out screen, and the Light Mod, which is as it sounds, a clip-on LED light. Should you get one? Honestly, if you have a 7 that’s working, probably not, but if you’ve got something older and fancy an upgrade, this could be a good option for you.

Priced from £379.99 with more details on their website.

 By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –