A key line missing from the AFF syllabus is that matching gear saves lives. No one quite understands the logic but, as skydivers, we certainly try to match every bit of kit we buy. So, it must be true, right?

Wrongly or rightly, one area that seems to have gone completely unnoticed in the world of desperate colour coordination, and that clearly needs attention, is your closing loop. That’s right, you can now get custom, hand-made closing loops to complete that all-important colour match. Enter a new company to the skydiving world, Cool Closing Loops.

As the name might give away, they’re in the closing loop business and want to help you have the brightest, coolest loops around. Who wants to look good during a pin check? YOU DO!

Wes has been testing the designs for six years now, and is ready to bring them to the masses. Although there’s no website (yet) you can find them on Facebook and
Instagram at @coolclosingloops or email Wes direct at coolclosingloops@gmail.com, and simply let him know what colours you want.

They have a huge range of different colours available, including mixed, and will make them to the size you need for your container.

Want some? Give Wes a shout and cross his palm with £2 for one, £5 for three, £8 for five, or £15 for 10.

@coolclosingloops or email: coolclosingloops@gmail.com

By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald – facebook.com/SkydiveMacca