If you fly wingsuits but also love a bit of freefly, you’ll be well aware of the pain of taking off or reattaching your legstrap bungee to accommodate your wingsuit.

Overdose Industries came up with a great solution to this problem with their original Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee, which used a two-part bungee that easily connected and disconnected to make attaching your wingsuit easy. It was a great product, but they’ve decided it could be better.

Enter the Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee 2, the latest version of their legstrap retention system. This new version uses an aluminium clasp that’s been lab-tested to 70kg, which is stronger, lighter and easier to use.

Instead of a twist connector, the Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee 2 uses a small hook to hold your legstraps securely in place. In the countless test jumps, it was found this was easier to use, more comfortable to sit on and lasted longer.

In the bag, you’ll get the Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee 2, a fitting kit and a link to the instructions. It’s super simple to fit and, once it’s on your rig, you can easily remove it in a totally non-destructive way should you need to.

If you wingsuit, this is one of those no-brainer things you really need to buy. Want to get involved? Head over to their site at overdoseindustries.com where you  can pick one up for just £15.

By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald – facebook.com/SkydiveMacca