September & October were a poor few months due to rain & more rain over the Gower but we still managed to grab what we could when the Welsh weather gods occasionally smiled on us!

Lots of Tandems & AFF being completed with people pushing hard to do the 10 consolidation jumps, the best to date was by far an awesome performance by Charlie Jones who did seven in one day! In hot pursuit of Charlie was Bonnie Thomas, Kevin Bowen, Matt Leonard & Paul Wright who have put in loads of shifts lumping parachutes whilst on the Southern PLA wishing for a shift in winds so a big thanks to you all for your help and support throughout and well done for achieving A Licence.

Taking advantage of the packing courses whilst the rubbish weather was upon us was Siobhan, Hilbert, Kelly Peat and Ffion Davies and congrats to Morgan Wilkins for finally passing his packing test after the 5th attempt!

The end of year bash would have already taken place by the time of this publication, but indications are that a huge number are attending so stories will no doubt be in abundance in the next mag write up for sure.

Finally, myself & Sara want to thank everyone for your support this year which has been fantastic throughout! We look forward to seeing you all sometime over the Winter period (unless there’s ice or snow on the ground) … we’ll be operating as we’re blessed with hard runways ; )

Have a Great Christmas.. Great Skydives & Safe landings in 2020!

Carl Williams

Achievements: A LICENCE Bonnie Thomas, Charlie Jones, Kevin T Hannam Bowen, Matt Lenard, Paul Wright B LICENCE Laura O Sullivan  JUMP NUMBERS 100  Damian Muzal  700 Matt Oakley

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Photo: Merry Christmas