What a great time we all had the at the Expo! It was amazing to see so many others enjoying the time too, and congratulations to all those that won awards. One of which being our very own Yo Lee! Did you see her amazing feature in last month’s Mag? We couldn’t be prouder of her, and of all our Instructors who put in lot of time and effort to ensure the DZ is run the best it can!

The storms have given all of us skydivers a challenging few weeks. However, when we have had the opportunity, we have been up and down like yo-yos taking up lots of tandems, AFF and our regular club jumpers. The days have been full of smiles and excitement and we’ve had many tandems re-book to jump again. Our other newbie Archie is storming through his jumps, now on 85 and I’m not too far behind! We both hope to be part of the UKP Camera Team capturing great images and video!

We now have the more powerful Black Hawk Cessna back after a winter service, and it feels great having her back in the skies. More loads, done quicker!

Gareth Pepperwell

Achievements: A LICENCE/FS1 Archie Glazebrook 

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Photo: Yolande Lee at the Expo