Like your wingsuiting, and like a UPT Vector? Time to rejoice, as Bill Booth and co now have a series of wingsuit-focussed options to turn your next Vector into your go-to rig for flying in dresses. The key thing here is, unlike other wingsuiting rigs, if you spec up your new Vector with these options, it’s still good to go for all your other skydiving needs and can work for all the other  disciplines. You know, for that rare occasion you decided to do something other than what skydiving was invented for – wingsuiting. But why would you?

So, what’s on offer? First up, something that will become standard on all Micron sized containers, a narrow yoke. With the extra bulk of wearing a suit under the container, the narrower yoke should give you a wider range of motion as you fly. Next up, the old wingsuiter’s favourite, dynamic corners. With the bottom tray opening up completely and laying flat, you should get a smoother and cleaner deployment come pull time.

And talking of pull time, there’s a wingsuit-specific 30” pilot chute and extended bridle combo, paired with their V stow semi-stowless bag. This will help get the PC out into cleaner air, and avoid the burble, the bag should help contribute to a
smoother, on-heading opening.

Downstairs in party-town, there’s two-piece, narrow leg pads. These work to reduce the bulk of your container, giving better mobility and improved comfort. Out on the sides, they’ve got cordura-covered padded stabilisers. These are built from the edges of the container, like the standard laterals, but without the rigid piece.

Finally, up on the back, there’s a new “Deluxe ultra low bulk” backpad. This has minimal padding to keep the container as low to the back as possible, and cordura top for maximum strength. If you still want a bit of padding add the Babylon backpad.

To ‘wingsuit up’ your next UPT container, simply select your options, and order through your favourite dealer. Price dependent on options.

By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald –