Fluid Wings, based in the US, have been carving themselves a pretty good cut of the high-performance canopy market, with a focus on quality wings and good customer service.

Fresh out of their sewing room is the new Wairwolf, a 21-cell cross-braced canopy with a tri-taper leading edge and a host of other developments.

That new leading-edge has some serious tech behind it to aid the shaping, inflation and pressurisation. Similar to their Airwolf canopy, Wairwolf has significant changes to the trim, planform, materials and opening characteristics.

Using the tech from their ultra-high performance wings, they’ve created a planform that is suitable, and manageable, for expert pilots, with Fluid Wings claiming that it’s steeper, faster and more responsive than other canopies in its class.

Featuring an all FT30 construction for a more rigid wing with less distortion, they’re also claiming a 5% reduction in line drag. The design also has an increased roll rate, which they say is more responsive to harness input. All of this should mean a steeper, longer rollout, with more power.

Wairfolf is available in three different colour patterns: black and white, standard electric blue, and standard pink. Be quick though, as the canopy is only available until they run out of the materials to make them. You can pick yours up now in a 69, 71, 75, 79 or 84, or if you don’t mind waiting a bit, 67, 90 or 96.

For obvious reasons, they say this canopy is only suitable for competent high-performance pilots only.

Order yours now with a $1,000 deposit through their website.


By James ‘Macca’ Macdonald – facebook.com/SkydiveMacca