Summer, always with it’s ups and downs, obviously mostly regarding the weather. But when it comes to the achievements of students here at Sibson, the last few months have seen a fantastic upward trend of new, buzzing, freshly licenced skydivers.

Some great work from all the students and instructors, with a record for the number of AFF jumps in a single weekend, 80+.

Lots of progression and learning all round, including Lee Robinson smashing through all AFF Levels and most of his consols during Boogie 2 week in July.

Other highlights of Boogie 2 were some awesome heli jumps enjoyed by many.. and the fact it was kind of a bit hot at times.

There are lots of new students about and also now a number of new FS coaches too, thanks to the expert guidance from Gee, Chris McCann and some very helpful instructors.

New FS coaches include Fab Colonna, Paul Templeman, Deano Smith, Pete Leech, AJ Hale and myself.

There’s been some action from Sibson clubbies taking part in competitions in August too.

Congratulations to Giuseppe for putting in a great effort at the Wingsuit World Cup in Italy.

Nationals at Hibaldstow saw some clubbies competing in 4way single A. Jumping Jesters put in some good rounds and Algorhythm put in a great performance resulting in taking the silver medal, well done all!

Derek couldn’t get enough, competing in 4 way AAA as well as heading back for more the following weekend to compete in the 8 way Nationals comp!

Sibson Speed 6 comp happens mid-Sept, so as long as it doesn’t rain and turn in to a ‘best team t-shirt competition‘ (maybe that’s more important though?) we should have a fun weekend of friendly team rivalry.. don’t give away your exit tactics!

Oh, apparently Wes has 1500 jumps, I haven’t checked his log book though.

Achievements: A LICENCE Mark Walker, Eugenijus Venskevicius, Lee Robinson, Will Nicholis, Samuel Turner, Kian Jafari, Emily Hetfield, Julian Kaye, Mark Formby, Debra Kelsall, Aysha Bhimoi, Tom Griffins, Ahmed Mahmoud, Enrico Ventola, Iain Page, Steven Carr  B LICENCE Mark Formby, Ryan Wells  C LICENCE Yashar Alinejad  FS1 Jonathan Buffong, Tony Welbourn  FS2: Tony Ellis  JUMP NUMBERS 1500 Wes Lawes  1400 Giuseppe Damiano 1000 Lukasz Baluczynski (jumped as tandem camera, haha) 800 Kyle Skoyles  600 Andreas Michli 500 Katie Wilkinson 450 Deano Smith 350 Fab Colonna 50 Tony Welbourn

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Photo: Paul Garwood by Kyle Skoyles